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When it comes to responsible tourism, my actions, are triggered by a strong belief that the environment is our chief asset, and we must do everything to safeguard it by promoting environmentally responsible travel. Since we are agents that promote tourism, it is our responsibility to safeguard the environment by teaching our guests and travelers that they can make an impact by reducing their impacts while travelling. To do this they must see paradise in the places they visit for motivation to do so. With my five years of experience in the industry I have come to believe and uphold its values. During my private time, I put my thoughts into writing (novels, columns in the print media, poems, political writings) I guess this is why I find the Amedzofe township in the Avatime Hills of the Volta region, my favorite tourist site, specifically, the view from Akorfa guest house!

The varying picturesque view from this place at different times of the day tends to paint a message of the different shades of life! It has an awe-inspiring way of drawing man closer to nature and his maker!

Thank you,

YAO Gbebleou-Sleem, Chance



I wish to inform you that, tour guiding helps me to improve my skills, make many new friends who really like our village. Some of the visiting tourists even assist in teaching our school children during their short stay with us.

I like to take visitors to the following locations, Mt Paradise, Tafi Atome Monkey sanctuary, Aflabo Water falls, Wli waterfalls, Mt. Afadjato, Tagbo falls, Kulugu waterfalls, Kyabobo National Park, Gboti falls, Old mines at Akpafu, and Mole National Park.

I organize cultural drumming groups to entertain my travelers, I also enjoy teaching them the local dilate and local songs, organize bonfires and help them know the history of the area.

One interesting thing travelers always like to experience is the tapping of palm wine and distilling of Akpeteshie.

After every tour I try to improve on the tour, and how I performed as the guide

When not guiding I enjoy farming, it pays off when tourist visit my farm and enjoy it.

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