Beyin Beach Resort, Ghana

If it were not due to some very unque tourist sites in the area there would be little reason for travelers to find or visit this beautiful stretch of beach in this little village in the remote western region of Ghana. This is compounded by the fact that Beyin is about 30 minutes off the main Elubo road, and most of that being gravel. Travelers do make this journey though and are rewarded when visiting the two community based tourism sites in the area, Nzulezu Stilt Village and Amasuri Wetlands.

Beyin Beach resort is definitely the best place to stay to visit the attractions around Beyin. To start with its front gate is steps away from the visitors center which you will be required to visit to start your trip to Nzulezu. If you are in your own transportation the entrance to the resort can be a little difficult being that it is just a sand track. Once you have parked in the parking lot and enter the resort you will find yourself in a comfortable, beautiful oasis to relax and use as a base camp for further exploration of the area.

Beyin Beach Resort touts itself as Eco-luxury. The buildings seem to be constructed of local materials and it has a nice tropical feel to it. With the mist coming in off the sea walking on the wood walkways around the resort, it is easy to feel like you are in an Ewalk village in the movie Stars Wars. The beautiful chalets offer very comfortable beds, nicely finished floors and bath rooms and warm showers. The rooms are also very close to the wonderful beach that is literally steps away. There are lounges for your use on the beach and the water is pretty shallow going out some distance.

Like everywhere in Ghana the food can take a little while but is very good and there are some dishes that would appeal to westerners who are missing cheese and other delights. Breakfast is also included in the stay which includes fruit, a fruit juice, toast and omelet.

At the time of our stay the owner was not around so we were not able to go over the Ecotourism Evaluation with him, we are working on doing so over email. Until then we cannot substantiate their claim to be ecofriendly, but we did see that they are heavily invested in turtle protection. They are also very supportive of the community based tourism projects in the area.

If you have stayed at Beyin Beach Resort, or have experience with it, please leave a comment below about your experience.

Below is the tour that we offer where you can stay at Beyin Beach Resort.  Remember we can always tailor make a tour for you including Beyin Beach Resort.

Ghana Beach and Sun Vacation


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  2. admin says:

    You are welcome, thank you for commenting, you should include Ghana on your top 50 places to travel. Frommers recently listed it as a top 10, in the world of must visit places.

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