Cocoloko Beach Resort, Ghana

Situated just a few meters from a very well kept stretch of coastline near Ada Foa, this resort offers great beach scenery and comfortable stays in huts made from local materials. The compound is very spacious and perhaps is lacking something to help livening the place up.

All rooms are self-contained and that’s perhaps one of highlights of this resort. There are twenty-one (21) rooms. Two buildings each holds six (6) – eight (8) rooms on a corridor between them, while the rest are in a hut style. Most the windows look dirty but they probably would be paying more attention to this now after it being called to their attention.

I didn’t get a real feeling for this place perhaps due the fact that, it looked very empty and boring, except for the nice and friendly staff. The kitchen was not visible well enough for me to comment on, but the feeling for me, again is not positive.

This is an ideal place for large groups if tours are coordinated well, with prior arrangements with the management. Management’s contribution towards the community seems to be a positive highlight. Big potential if the right structures are put in place.

In person Evaluation

Positive Aspects of In person evaluation:

  • Staff were courteous and greeted with a smile when first approached.
  • Other staff on the grounds were friendly and helpful.
  • The general visual appeal of the property was good, with no garbage around or lack of maintenance.  The place fits into it’s surroundings.
  • The restaurant area was clean and well kept.
  • The beach is clean and well maintained.
  • Rooms were overall clean and seemed comfortable.
  • All rooms are secured with locks.
  • Night watchmen to keep an eye out at night.

Negative Aspects of in person evaluation:

  • The cleanliness, comfort and visual appeal of the lobby check in area was not as nice as it could have been.
  • Shower, walls, and windows could have been cleaner.
  • There did not seem to be easily accessible fire extinguishers.
  • No smoke detectors in the sleeping area.
  • Window nets would have improved restaurant sanitation.

Eco-tourism Evaluation

Aspects of Cocoloko that brought up their Green Bug Ecotourism Rating:

  • Cocoloko is locally owned.
  • Locally owned businesses are used for services.
  • Local sources of supplies are used as much as possible; veggies have to be purchased from the market in Takoradi.
  • Owner contributes to the community by donating goods for community programs, and community projects.
  • Contribute to conservation projects either donating funds or actively participating.
  • Human waste is disposed of responsibly.
  • Use energy friendly lighting, CFL bulbs.
  • AC is not used often.
  • Staff are encouraged to conserve water.
  • All linens are washed by hand.
  • Native plants are used in the landscaping.
  • No garbage or waste around the property.
  • Organic fertilizers are used rather than chemical pesticides and herbicides.
  • Structure are built from locally sourced materials and recycled materials.

Aspects of Cocoloko’s operations that brought their Green Bug Adventures rating down:

  • Staff were able to answer questions on simple cleaning and healthy living in regards to their work but were not able to answer questions about environmental policies.
  • Do not have an established recycling plan.
  • Guests are not encouraged to responsibly take care of their trash when on day trips.
  • Do not currently compost, were interested in the idea.
  • Grey water systems are not used.
  • Trash is burned.
  • Staff and guests are not encouraged to turn out lights and other appliances when not in use.
  • Do not have any forms of alternative energy.
  • Do not collect rain water.

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