Escape Three Points Lodge, Ghana

There are not many places in the world where you can spend time on a very remote tropical beach that you can have mostly to yourself but have this kind of sustainable infrastructure to make the stay very comfortable. Escape Three Points lodge is like something out of a tropical fantasy like the movie “The Beach,” without the sharks, drama, or complex social hierarchy. You can come here and kick your shoes off with your own room and wonderful meals, and not break the bank doing so.

This lodge is very remote, when we visited to evaluate it we hiked from Akwidaa into the Cape Three Points area, it was a couple of hours before we reached Escape Three Points, this is one way to get here but there is a road that takes off before reaching Dixcove and the really rough road that goes to Akwidaa. This road that will take you directly to Escape Three Points and Cape Three Points village is rumored to be as rough as the one to Akwidaa, but we walked along a good part of it on our way to Escape, and it did not seem nearly a rough on this stretch. They say part of the adventure is getting there, and this is definitely true for Escape, but once you get there you will not be disappointed.

Escape is located a few km before the village of Cape Three Points which is the most southerly part of Ghana on the tip of the middle cape of Cape Three Points. Cape Three Points is a wonderful remote area on the Western Region of Ghana that boasts some great hiking, and biking along a series of trails and roads that bisect the cape. In addition there are some amazing beaches, beautiful forests including the Cape Three Points reserve and some very welcoming fishing villages. Escape would be a great base camp for exploring the area being right in the middle of it on and on one of the best beaches in Ghana. There are some great surfing breaks and Escape even has some surfboards for you to use if you left yours at home.

If all this sounds like paradise it is, but probably not for everyone. Escape still does not have running water or flush-able toilets, but this is part of the charm or the place and getting off the beaten path. Each room is a rectangular bungalow with bamboo furniture on a porch with sandy paths connecting them with beautiful flowers dotting the landscape. Most of the bungalows have a comfortable seating area upon entry with some couches and chairs. The whole side facing the ocean of these rooms are made of screen for amazing views but a curtain can be pulled for privacy if you wish. Above the seating areas on suspended platforms made by bamboo is the sleeping area with bed in the lofted area. Because of the open floor plan and ample ventilation and cross wind it seems to be a very cool nice place to stay. The bathrooms are out a second door to privacy fenced off, little courtyard with a composting toilet and an area for bucket showering. There is also a little vanity and a basin for some water for washing hands and freshening up. There are a half dozen of these comfortable rooms scattered around the plot all facing the beautiful view of the ocean. There is also a nice dormitory building very close to the reception and restaurant area.

Below are the tours which we provide where you have an option to stay at Escape3points.  We would also be happy to tailor make you a tour that includes Escape3points or arrange transportation for you.

Ghana Beach and Sun Vacation….


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