Ezile Bay Village Eco Lodge, Ghana

4 out of 5 Green Bugs

Green Bug Ecotourism Rating

 4.5 out of 5 Green Bugs

Green Bug Standards Index:

Ezile Bay Village Eco Lodge can only be described as Eco-Paradise and very secluded. This resort is located on a beautiful empty beach very near the Cape Three Points area in Western Ghana right next to the village of Akwidaa. Owned by a friendly French couple who have made Ghana and Ezile bay their home, and have worked hard to make your stay comfortable while protecting the environment and contributing with the development of nearby villages. Between Jungle and Beach, between villages and rivers, there is plenty to do and see, or even just spend your time relaxing.

Solar power now provides light and electricity to the 5 bungalows built in local Akan tradition, available for sleeping in right on the beach which have their own showers. Showers for other rooms are enjoyed with privacy but open air, allowing you to shower under the stars or overlooking the beautiful Ezile Bay. There are also 4 large family suits with outside showers and toilets.

In addition to the beautiful beach and resort there is ample opportunity to hike and explore the surrounding Cape Three Point area. The near by village of Akwidaa will welcome you as guest, you can then take a canoe up the Ezile river through the mangroves. There is a great surfing beach within 5 minutes of walking as an extra bonus, the resort will offer body boards if you are not a surfer.

 In Person Evaluation

Positive Aspects of In person evaluation:

  • When touring the property the other staffs were friendly and helpful.

  • Impression of customer service from online reviews is positive.

  • The restaurant/bar/lounge/lobby area is visually appealing and comfortable.

  • The beach is well maintained and free of trash and other debris.

  • Linens were clean and in good condition.

  • Floors, walls and doors were visually clean and seemed to be well maintained.

  • No signs of mold in the rooms.

  • Impressions of cleanliness from online reviews are good.

  • All rooms are secured with a lock.

  • Impressions of Safety online were positive.

Aspects of in person evaluation that could use some improvement:

  • First contact was shaky when we walked to the resort from Akwidaa, the manager had just walked into the forest and the other staff didn’t really know what was going on or how to get him. They did try to address my needs though.

  • There was some dust on some of the surfaces in rooms, could just be because of the dry season, and off season.

  • There doesn’t seem to be much security but it really isn’t needed in this area.

    Ecotourism Evaluation

Aspects of evaluation which helped to raise Ezile Bay Village Eco Lodge’s Green Bug Ecotourism Ranking:

  • Supplies are bought locally from food and craft vendors avoiding products made from endanger or threatened species including bush meats.

  • A competitive wage above the minimum wage for the region is paid to the staff.

  • Contributions are to community development projects.

  • Bio-degradable and food wastes are composted.

  • All wastes are disposed of responcibly including chemicals, cleaning waste, and human waste.

  • CFL light bulbs are disposed of in a safe recommened way by the EPA or other environmental regulation authority.

  • Use of CFL lighting

  • No use of AC at all.

  • Use of Solar panels and wind generation for all of their power needs.

  • Staff and guests are encouraged to safe water, power, and sheets and towels.

  • Solar hot water heating.

  • All laundry is hand washed and sun dried.

  • Structures are made from locally sourced materials and recycled materials

  • Bungalows are built it a traditional architectural style.


Aspects of evaluation which brought down Ezile Bay Village Eco Lodge’s Green Bug Ecotourism Ranking:

  • The owners are not from Ghana.

  • Not all employees are able to answer questions about the environmental policies and practices of the establishment due to language issues.

  • Recycling in this part of the country is very difficult.

  • A gray water system is not in full use

  • Currently do not use a rain water collection system for all water needs

  • Do not have low flow shower heads or automatic shut of on sinks.

  • Environmentally friendly, and biodegradable cleaning products are very hard to find in the area, thus are not used very often.

  • Organic fertilizers are not used because they are difficult to find in the area, along with alternatives to chemical pesticides and herbicides.

  • More could be done in training employees on the environment and in interpretation to guests about the environment and surrounding areas.

Below are the tours which we provide where you have an option to stay at Ezile bay.  We would also be happy to tailor make you a tour that includes Ezile bay or arrange transportation for you.

Ghana Beach and Sun Vacation….


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