Four Villages Inn, Ghana

In Person Lodging Evaluation: 4.85 out of 5

Eco-tourism Lodging Rating: 3.29 out of 5

Four Villages Inn started out as the home of Chris and Charity a Ghanaian Canadian couple. It has grown into a very pleasant guest house with 4 individual designed rooms to represent each one of the four villages in the name. Because you will be staying in the home of this wonderful couple you will have a very pleasant homely feeling to your stay.

Each room has a theme; there is the pottery room, the wood carving room, the Kente room and the Andinkra room. These rooms have decorations to correspond to the particular theme. In addition there is a lovely living room to relax inside and a large porch out front to enjoy the wonderful weather in Kumasi. The atrium is one of the most interesting rooms in the house with the natural light coming in from the sky light and the variety of decorations in there. Each room also sports its own private bathroom and full air conditioning (please turn off if you are are not in the room).

In addition to being a great family owned bed and breakfast where you will feel at home, they are taking some steps to be environmentally and socially friendly. They use rain water collection, use local businesses and services, contribute towards the community and try to reduce their power consumption. They have tried to encourage staff to turn off AC while guests were away. But one of the large mining companies in the area (who will remain nameless for the interest of Four Villages) who sends Expats their way sometimes, slammed them for this and they got a nasty phone call from the management of the company threatening not to send guests there anymore.


In person Evaluation

Positive Aspects of In person evaluation:

  • When we arrived we were met at the front door by the owners husband who inquired about how he could help us.

  • Impression of customer services from online reviews is good.

  • Visual appeal of general property is nice.

  • Cleanliness, comfort and visual appeal of dinning room and kitchen is good.

  • Hallway floors, walls, and doors are visually clean and well maintained.

  • Linens were clean and in good condition.

  • No signs of mold.

  • Bathrooms very clean.

  • Online reviewers were happy with cleanliness.

  • All rooms have locks.

  • Gated security.

Aspects of in person evaluation that could use some improvement:

  • Nothing really noted that needs improvement in this area.


Eco-tourism Evaluation

Aspects of Four Villages that brought up their Green Bug Ecotourism Index:

  • Hire local businesses for services like a cab for transportation and local guide services.

  • Buy local supplies from food and craft vendors.

  • Food waste is re-used for food at a pig farm they also own.

  • Approved waste management company is used for garbage service.

  • Use CFL lighting.

  • Staff and guests are encouraged to turn off lights and other appliances when not in use.

  • Staff and guest are encouraged to conserve water.

  • A rainwater collection system is used.

  • An efficient central hot water heater is used.

  • Towels and sheets are not changed every night.

  • Native plants are used in landscaping.

  • There is no garbage or waste on the grounds.

  • No chemicals are used in landscaping.

  • Local crafts are used in décor.

  • Guests are educated in opportunities for interacting with the locals in a respectful way.

  • Locally sourced food and local dishes are served.

  • Packaging food in to go containers is avoided.

Aspects of Four Villages operations that brought their Green Bug Adventures Index rating down:

  • Pay is not very competitive to employees.

  • More could be done currently for community development, they had a school before for 8 years, and they do promotion of local tourism and businesses though.

  • Employees are unable to answer guest’s questions about environmental policies or practices of the establishment.

  • They do not contribute towards conservation, or participate.

  • No recycling program.

  • Heavy use of AC.

  • No solar panels, wind generator or other alternative energies.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products are not used.

  • One time use soap is provided to guests.

  • No training is provided to employees about the surrounding environment or the eco-friendly aspects of the accommodations.


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