Hand in Hand Guest House, Ghana

This is a very special place in Ghana, and a highlight to many travelers that stumble across it.  With the lack of social services and support in Ghana sometimes children that are born with mental or physical handicaps are given up for adoption or abandoned.  They will then usually end up in one of the many orphanages across the country.  These homes do not have the knowledge time or resource that are required to care for these children with special needs, and they end up neglected or even sometimes just restrained to a bed.  Hand in Hand or Peace in Christ as it also goes by, is a refuge for some of these children.  Hand in Hand takes in many of these children from other orphanages around the country and strives to give them the love and care that they need.

This orphanage is set on some beautiful grounds behind a hospital in the village of Nkranzah in the Brong Ahafo region.  Here the children have a football field, staff to care for them, prepare them meals, a pool to swim in, a play ground to play in and a stream of international visitors who also provide attention, knowledge and funds to keep this place alive.  The guesthouse portion of Hand in Hand helps to fund the mission and also attracts visitors who may by some of the hand made crafts that the children make, and volunteers to supply the badly needed help to keep the place running.

There are a number of self contained rooms and houses for visitors to stay in.  They are neat but not luxurious, still very comfortable, and really can not be beat in terms of value and comfort in the area.  There is also a very unique house called the hermitage that can be stayed in.  It is set apart from the other on a rock outcropping and very peaceful.

Green Bug Adventures highly recommends people to stay here, it is moving the work that is being done for the children.  The interaction with them is amazing also, how open, curious, and caring these children are for strangers is heart warming.

Because of the social mission of this place, and that it is nice place to stay, we have decided not to hold it to the same standards of other places by evaluating it in the same way.  That is why there is no evaluation data below.  Bottom line if you are traveling through this area it is worth the visit.

If you have stayed at Hand in Hand, or have experience with it, please share with us below with a comment.

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