Hideout Lodge, Butre Ghana

4 out of 5 Green BugsIn Person Lodging Evaluation: 3.9 out of 5

4 out of 5 Green Bugs

Eco-tourism Lodging Rating: 4.04 out of 5

A little more rustic feeling than some of its peers in the area, the Hideout almost has a sort of Bohemian feel to it. It may feel like a small adventure just getting to this place, especially if you are arriving at night along the narrow road which is just two sandy ruts with some grass in middle that will give your vehicle a good under body brushing. If arriving by public transportation to the village of Butre you will have a small walk out of the village across a foot bridge over the estuary and down the beach to the Hideout, all on its own on the beautiful beach. Before this foot bridge was made, numerous guests had to take their shoes off and wade through the narrow estuary to get here.

One you arrive you will find a little oasis that very much fits the name of the Hideout. The first striking feature that will grab you is the colorfully painted bar with the patio and dinning area in front of it right on the edge of the beach. The whole property is very shaded by the number of trees around. Tess the Swedish owner has taken great care through the years to nourish the trees to their current splendor, and has vowed not to cut any of them with any of the upgrades or improvements to the property that have been made and will be made one day. Tess has also done an amazing job of integrating herself into the community gaining the trust and respect of the people by giving them the same trust and respect. She has become good friends with the chief of Butre, and often has conversations with him about issues in the area and the environment. From hearing people take about her, you can tell she loves the community and has their best interests at heart. The staff who are hired from the local area are also very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, even with the very laid back atmosphere of this place.


In person Evaluation

Positive Aspects of In person evaluation:

  • Staff greeted us at our car with a smile asking how they can help us.

  • When touring the property the other staff were friendly and helpful.

  • The restaurant/bar area was clean and comfortable, with nice visual appeal.

  • General appeal of the property is nice with maintained landscaping, lack of garbage and generally appealing.

  • No sign of mold on bed, pillows, window seals, or bathrooms.

  • Exits are clearly marked and easy to use.

  • Restaurant kitchen seemed clean and sanitary.


Aspects of in person evaluation that could use some improvement:

  • There were some online reviews that had a less than positive impression of customer service.

  • Floors, walls, and doors were a little run down and rusted.

  • There is some dust on the surfaces of the rooms.

  • Linens seemed a little aged.

  • Finishing of showers and bathrooms was a little rough, with raw cement at times.

  • The cleanliness, comfort, and visual appeal of rooms could be improved.

  • Some comments about less than perfect cleanliness from online reviews.

  • Locks were a little rusted, the one of the dormitory needs replaced.


Eco-tourism Evaluation

Aspects of The Hideout that brought up their Green Bug Ecotourism Index:

  • Locally owned businesses for services are used for transportation and other services. Guides are hired from the village.

  • Most of the supplies are purchased locally.

  • A competitive wage, above minimum wage is paid to employees.

  • Make contributions to community development including helping to finance the walking bridge, provide drinks and refreshments to community workers, beach cleanup, helped with transformer work, and shares garbage services.

  • Contribute to conservation projects, including turtle conservation, beach clean up, and encourages guests to visit natural areas.

  • Have an established recycling plan.

  • Bio degradable and food wastes are composted.

  • Use of a grey water system that irrigates a neighbors farm.

  • No AC use.

  • Guests and staff are encouraged to conserve water.

  • Hand washing is used for linens.

  • Native plants are used in landscaping.

  • The grounds are free of garbage.

  • When building local materials are used like sand, water, stones, clay, only two the structures are cement.

  • Employees are provided training about the surrounding environment and how the establishment tries to be Eco-friendly.

  • Guests are educated in opportunities for interacting with the locals in a respectful way. The locals are also educated on how to be hosts to travelers and interact with them as well.

  • When take away food containers are used they are paper rather than Styrofoam.


Aspects of The Hideout operations that brought their Green Bug Adventures Index rating down:

  • Not locally owned but owner lives in community.

  • CFL bulbs are not disposed of in a responsible way.

  • Have done away with CFL bulbs in some cases in favor of incandescent because guests could not read with the CFLs.

  • Guests are encouraged to turn out lights when not in use, but lights remain on all night next to the beach.

  • No solar panels, wind generator, or alternative power sources.

  • Rainwater is not collected.

  • Linens are changed daily no matter the wishes of the customer.

  • Pesticides are used at times for landscaping.

  • Menu has a lot of international dishes.


Below are the tours which we provide where you have an option to stay at The Hideout.  We would also be happy to tailor make you a tour that includes The Hideout or arrange transportation for you.  If you have stayed at or have experience with The Hideout, please leave a comment below to share with us. and other.Ghana Beach and Sun Vacation

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