Jaynii Beach Resort, Ghana

Jaynii Beach Resort, Ghana

Green Bug Ecotourism Index:

4 out of 5 Green Bugs

Green Bug Standards Index: Not yet evaluated

Green Bug Customer Ratings: Not yet evaluated

Jaynii started as a program to help street children in the James Town area of Accra, and now it is in the process of expanding their services into an eco beach resort which its proceeds will help to further the support for their street kids programs. The goal is to keep street children in school and learning rather than wondering the streets. Currently this is primarily funded by a cultural dance and drumming group that uses the proceeds from their performances to pay for 50 boys and girls to go to school and be clothed and fed.

Their services as an eco beach resort so far are pretty limited to one dormitory type sleeping building and then plots for tents. The beach seems to be the main attraction so far, with plenty of room for soccer games and other things. One of the things holding back the development is the need for more toilets. We will continue to follow Janyii and hope they continue to expand. They are currently looking for support and investment, if investing in Ecotourism in Africa is of interest to you. Currently there are not a whole lot of options for Eco-lodges in Accra so hopefully they will work to become one of the best with your support and ours.

Note from the founder:

“The Streetwise Project is housed at the Jaynii Beach, a beautiful stretch of white sands and blue-green Atlantic waters covering an area of 300 by 200 meters behind the James Town Lighthouse. We started the Jaynii Beach Project to protect the beach front against the activities of residents who use the sea as dumping grounds of household waste. Again, part of income generated from our public shows goes into funding the cleaning and protection of the Beach. Unfortunately, the increasing challenge of educating people and convincing them to desist from their actions make it difficult to fulfill our objectives effectively. Through education, we hope to alleviate these problems, as well.”


Aspects of evaluation which helped to raise Jaynii Beach’s Green Bug Ecotourism Ranking:

  • Fully locally owned.

  • Use of locally owned businesses for services.

  • Only local supplies from food and craft vendors pare purchased avoiding endangered or threatened species including bush meats.

  • Contribute to community development projects.

  • Employees are able to answer visitor’s questions about environmental policies or practices of the establishment.

  • Contribution to conservation projects.

  • Have an established recycling plan.

  • Bio-degradable and food wastes are composted.

  • Responsible disposal of chemicals, cleaning waste and human waste.

  • Use of a gray water system.

  • Very limited use of AC systems.

  • Encourage guests and staff to turn off lights and other appliances when not in use.

  • Provides energy friendly activities for example candle light dinners, oil lamp story telling, and bonfires.

  • Use of environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products.

  • Use of an environmental purchasing policy for all house keeping needs.

  • Clean grounds.

  • Organic fertilizers are used and chemical pestisides and fertilizers.

  • Education of guests in opportunities for interacting with local inhabitants in a respectful way.


Aspects of evaluation which brought down Jaynii Beach’s Green Bug Ecotourism Ranking:

  • Do not have timers on lights in low use areas or AC systems.

  • Guests and staff are not encouraged to use ventilation rather than AC.

  • There are no alternative energy generation methods.

  • Do not have automatic shut off on sinks.

  • No rainwater collection system.

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