Ko-Sa Beach Resort, Ghana

4.5 out of 5 Green Bugs

In person Evaluation: 4.70 out of 5

4 out of 5 Green Bugs

Eco-Tourism Rating: 3.82 out of 5

Ko-Sa definitely has a unique identity among the small resorts along the coast of Ghana. Each of the rooms are colorfully painted with local designs and are very colorful. Team this up with a beautiful site on a beach next to a picturesque village to the west of Elmina and you get a very neat place to stay. The grounds are very clean, along with the beach that is cleaned daily; the beach also is unique with a designated swimming area that sees very little waves or swells because of being blocked off by some rocks naturally. From the beach there is a great view of the village to the East with a distinctive church sticking up in the distance.

Another aspect of Ko-Sa that stands out is the spread out nature of the grounds, with a large grassy area between the beach and the rooms, and between the restaurant and the parking area. If you like to have a break from the sand for your feet this is great since the rooms are not right down in the sand.

The open air restaurant area would be a great place to spend the afternoon in the shade, with some of the fresh fruit juices, that management claims are amazing.

In person Evaluation

Positive Aspects of In person evaluation:

  • Staff met us at our vehicle to see how they could help us.

  • Good cleanliness, comfort and visual appeal of lobby, restaurant area.

  • positive general appeal of property, no garbage around, landscaping nicely maintained.

  • Hallways, floors, walls, and doors visually clean and maintained.

  • Beach is well maintained and free of garbage.

  • No signs of dust on surfaces in rooms.

  • Clean linens

  • No signs of mold or mildew.

  • Good overall impression of cleanliness, comfort and visual appeal.


Aspects of in person evaluation that could use some improvement:

  • There are some comments online about less than perfect customer service.

  • A few patrons had some cleanliness issues from online reviews.


Eco-tourism Evaluation

Aspects of Ko-Sa Beach Resort that brought up their Green Bug Ecotourism Index:

  • Employees are paid a competitive wage, above minimum wage for the region.

  • Employees are able to answer visitor’s questions about the environmental policies or practices of the establishment.

  • Some contribution is made to conservation through funds or activity.

  • Have an established recycling plan.

  • Guests going on day trips are encouraged to bring back any waste for proper disposal.

  • Human waste is properly disposed of with a septic system and municipal approved pump out.

  • Low use of AC systems.

  • Guests and staff are encouraged to use ventilation and ceiling fans and not AC.

  • Guests and staff are encouraged to turn out lights and other appliances when not in use.

  • Drumming and dancing demonstrations are provided in the evening as an environmentally friendly activity.

  • Guests and Staff are encouraged to conserve water.

  • Temperature of water for hot showers is kept at a conservative level.

  • Use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning products.

  • Linens are hand washed.

  • Native plants are utilized in landscaping.

  • Aesthetics blend into surrounding native aesthetics.

  • Clay and earthen bricks are used for some of the constructions.

  • Employees are provided training about the surrounding environment, including how the establishment is eco-friendly.

Aspects of ko-Sa Beach Resort operations that brought their Green Bug Adventures Index rating down:

  • Not 100% locally owned, but still lives in the community.

  • Bio-degradable waste and food waste are not composted.

  • CFL bulbs are not disposed of properly.

  • There are no grey water systems or run off to planters.

  • There are no solar panels, wind generator or other alternative form of electricity.

  • They have no rainwater collection system.

  • Guests are not encouraged to use towels and sheets for more than one night.

  • One time use toiletries are provided to guests.

  • Pesticides are used in landscaping.

  • Food is sometimes packaged in one time use containers or to go containers made of Styrofoam.

  • Charcoal of unknown source is used in cooking.


Below are the tours which we provide where you have an option to stay at Ko-Sa.  We would also be happy to tailor make you a tour that includes Ko-Sa or arrange transportation for you.  If you have stayed at or have experience with Ko-Sa please leave a comment below to share with us and other.

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