Lagassi Gardens, Ghana

Green Bug Ecotourism Index:

4 out of 5 Green Bugs

Green Bug Standards Index:

4.41 out of 5 Green Bugs

This nice apartment accommodation is located in Accra but it is a very different Accra than you have in mind. It is on the northern outskirts of Accra in an area called Pokoase, here there are stills some rolling green hills and vegetation. Lagassi is no exception to this with the beautiful gardens within the compound which help to supply the vegetarian restaurant. The wonderful owners from the Caribbean and England built this place originally to entertain friends and family when they come to visit. The visits were not frequent enough so they decided to open it up as a long term guest house for volunteers and people spending a little more time in Accra.

If you are staying a week or longer in Accra Lagassi Gardens can not be beat. The cool breeze and site in the quiet suburbs makes Lagassi a refuge from the craziness of Accra that we all need to get away from, from time to time. Combine this with the friendly staff, availability of the new train service into Accra, and the great food from the restaurant, it is hard to believe that there are ever any open rooms for guests.

This place takes their vegetarian food very seriously and take pride in what their garden can provide for the table. This being said if you are in a hurry this is not the place to go for a quick bite. As the owner said it is slow good food.

If you are planning on staying in Accra for an extended amount of time you have to contact us so we can put you in touch with Lagassi Gardens, it would be a wonderful place to stay.

Typically we do not offer Lagassi Gardens as an option on our tours, because you will not be spending very much time in Accra and Lagassi prefers to have guests for a minimum of a week.  Below are the tours that we offer that go through Accra, we can set up a stay for you at Lagassie if you want to stay in Accra longer, before or after your Adventure.

Ghana Beach and Sun Vacation….



If you have stayed at Lagassie Gardens or have experience with it, please leave a comment below telling us about it.

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  1. I am impressed with your depth of information. You have a great blog on here.


  2. admin says:

    Thanks Eric, I see you went to Ashesi Uni, what do you think about it. I have heard good things.


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