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Green Bug Ecotourism RatingGreen Bug Ecotourism Ration

Green Bug Standards Rating

Green Bug Standards Rating

Located on the beautiful beaches of the western region in Axim, Lou Moon Lodge awaits it’ s guests in comfort. With 24 acres of forests, jungles, palm trees and beach this beach resort has plenty of room to stretch out. Right out the door to most of the rooms is a wonderful calm beach, protected by a spite of land, perfect for families and children for swimming with no waves. Lining this natural swimming pool is the open air bar and restaurant providing enjoyable meals and refreshing drinks. You will have your choice between 12 different rooms for your stay, from peaceful traveler’ s rooms to exquisite executive bungalows on a private island.

It would be tempting to spend the day soaking up the rays interrupted by slipping into the warm tropical water for a cool down. But there is so much to do at Lou Moon you will eventually pull yourself off the beach and do something exciting, like kayaking, ping pong, or some soccer. If sight seeing is more up your ally, Ankassa reserve is only 80km away, Nzulezu stilt village is only a short car ride and boat ride away, there is also Axim’ s 16th century castle, and numerous opportunities for hikes and canoe rides in the immediate area. But I am sure the beach will call you back for a refreshing drink at sunset.

Some statements by the management:

“ We strive to be as Eco friendly as possible, with the integration of the architecture with the surrounding environment and with the almost exclusive use of local materials in our construction; sound waste management; and our relationship with the local community. We could be more eco friendly in terms of our energy use, we are not connected to the local grid, because of the high level of service we provide it does mean that we run the generator for about 20 hours a day.”

Aspects of Lou Moon Lodge that brought up their Green Bug Ecotourism Rating:

  • Buying of only local supplies from food and craft vendors and avoiding of all products made from endangered or threatened species, including bush meats
  • Paying of competitive wages, above minimum wage for the region
  • Composting of Bio-degradable waste and food wastes
  • Use of CFL lighting – Encourage staff and guests to conserve water
  • Just added a 45,000 liter rain water collection system
  • Use of low energy machines or hand washing for laundry needs along with air drying
  • The grounds are very clean with use of native plants that blend into the native surroundings
  • Buildings are made from locally sourced and recycled materials, integrating local cultural designs in architecture and interior design also blending into the natural landscape.

Aspects of  Lou Moon operations that brought their Green Bug Adventures Ecotourism rating down:

  • Lack of a safe plan for disposing of CFL bulbs
  • High use of AC systems.
  • Lack of any sort of alternative energy other than diesel generator
  • Does not provide energy friendly activities after dark like, candle light dinners, oil lamp story telling or fires on the beach
  • Currently not using environmentally friendly, and bio-degradable cleaning products (which are hard to find in their area of Ghana).
  • They do not have to ability to provide educational materials or interpretation to their guests about their contributions to the environment or community.

Positive Aspects of In person evaluation:

  • First contact was initiated by a staff person meeting us at our car with a smile asking how they could help us.

  • When touring the property other staff members were friendly and helpful. (the only place in the world I have seen hotel staff wading through water with a bottle of champagne for room service)

  • Notable Cleanliness, comfort and visual appeal of the lobby check in area, including a beautiful day bathroom.

  • Beautiful property with no trash, great landscaping, and integration into the surroundings.

  • The beach is well maintained and free of debris and garbage.

  • Hallway floors, walls and doors are visually clean and maintained.

  • Very little or no dust on surfaces in rooms, including under the bed, and window seals.

  • Linens seemed clean and in good condition.

  • No signs of mold, on bed, pillows, window seals, bathroom sink, or showers.

  • All rooms are secured by locks.

  • There is a security gate and night watchman

  • Impressions of sanitation and safety were positive.


Aspects of in person evaluation that could use some improvement:

  • Online there were a few less than positive remarks about service.

  • A few inconsistent comments online about dust or small cleanliness issues.

Below are the tours where you can stay at Lou Moon as an option.

Remember that we are happy to tailor make a tour for you around this accommodation also.

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