Maks Resort, Ghana

Located just out of town on the main road leading from Ada and Ada-Foah (watch out for sign post on the right), this resort is magic with a modern style building connecting a beautiful garden to the bank of the Volta River. All nine (9) rooms are appealing with AC, a fridge, DSTV and a well fitted bathroom. The rooms look very neat and well kept. The real gem is the waterfront with the wonderfully kept beach and area for relaxing and soaking up the sun in this peaceful atmosphere. There is modern style bar and guest area in the garden on the bank of the Volta River helping to set the mellow mood, giving it a touch of natural class.

Staff and management are who are possibly new, this being the only low point of the resort, but on the whole, the resort is a real compliment to the surrounding natural beauty.

More can be done for contributions towards the community and environment, as it seems little seems to be done about this.

Evaluation Data coming soon….

If you have stayed at Maks Resort, or have experiences with it, please share below with a comment.

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