Oasis Beach Resort, Ghana

Located just a few meters from the famous Cape Coast Castle and the Castle Restaurant (the best or most popular restaurant in Cape Coast), Oasis is located on a well-kept beach, east of the Castle, near the Victoria park. It is at beach level, with the sitting areas and the room areas being all equal, which adds a lot to the laid back style. The main compound has several summer huts, a bar, upper terraced entertainment center overlooking the sea, the reception area and the kitchen. The room area is another positive highlight with beautiful views of the sea and security.

The shared facilities are well managed and most of the time very appealing. The presence of sun beds and chairs in the room area gives guest a stress-free view of sea life, where you can catch sight of the fishermen at work, or people playing football on the beach with the beautiful sunsets.

Serving staff are very casual and leave the area often dirty and unkempt, and food served didn’t taste fresh. It’s really a nice place except for the altitude of serving staff and how untidy the area can be at times.

Evaluation Data coming soon….

Have you stayed at Oasis Beach resort, or have experience with it?  If so please leave a comment below sharing.

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