Wli Water Heights, Ghana

In the village of Wli there are not a lot of options for a quality night stay. There is the Wli Water Heights Lodge, and the Waterfall lodge. The Water Heights lodge is located on the main road in the village after you take a right at the main junction the road curves to the left again, in about 100 meters the lodge is on the left. This lodge is very comfortable and well maintained, it is also owned by a very pleasant, friendly Ghanaian couple. They have both traveled the world and have come home to settle into the wonderful atmosphere of Wli, they are very easy to converse with and it is clear they care about what they are doing.

Inside the main gate is a nice garden courtyard with a covered kitchen area and a handful of rooms, along with the owner’s home on one side. While we were staying here it seems that it may be very popular with Ghanaian travelers and businessmen. But the premises were quite, the staff were friendly and everything was very clean and nice. The views of the surrounding mountains while having breakfast is truly a bonus. On top of that the food is great, with a mix of dishes; the fresh juice with breakfast shouldn’t be missed.

There is a mix of rooms form single beds to double, all are self-contained, and a couple have AC. The bathrooms were spacious and seemed to be finished a little better than other in Ghana.

I would like to include a note about how accommodating they were during our stay. Our driver was on a budget with his stipend and none of the rooms here really fit into that. I talked briefly to the owner about this and they put together a bed in the security hut for him.

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