Music Video Monday: An intro

In an effort to share more content on the blog here at Green Bug Adventures and on our social media sites like facebook and twitter, I have come up with a couple of themed days a week where I will share something, based on that theme.

What I have come up with so far:

  • Music Video Mondays:  Each Monday I will share a music video of an artist originating from the countries that we have tours to.  Since we are only offering tours to Ghana right now, I will be focusing on Ghanaian artists.
  • YouTube Tuesdays:  You might ask how this is different than music video Monday because the majority of those are also from YouTube?  The difference is that YouTube Tuesday will be used to highlight cool projects, community based tourism sites, and any thing fun to look at about the countries where we have trips.
  • Wanderer Wednesdays:  On Wednesdays I will share with you travelers tips, interesting places to visit, and really just about anything that has to do with wandering this beautiful planet respectfully.

If you have only been looking at the blog here at you may think that nothing has been going on but this is not the case.  There has been so much behind the scenes development happening, especially on the lodging page, and in the Ghana Adventures page.  Spend some time exploring and clicking the links in the adventures to learn about the sites to be visited and the beautiful places to stay each night.

I hope you enjoy the new addition to the blog and this first Music Video Monday.  I am hoping that it will be a good way to engage people and they can learn about what you might see or hear in Ghana.

The video below is by a Reggae artist name Rocky Dawuni, and very fitting for the first Music Video Monday the song is called “In Ghana.”  It has some great lyrics about Rocky’s love for his country.  The video is kind of grainy but you can still make out some great scenes of Accra in the background and the beach.  I especially enjoy the dancing kids.  Reggae may not be indigenous to Ghana but there is a very strong Reggae presence in Ghana and many parts of Africa.  The Jamaicans are also said to be decedents of Ghanaians and there is a strong bond in music and some culture.


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