YouTube Tuesday #1: Wli Todzi

As part of the new push by Green Bug Adventures to share more about the places that you can visit, this will be the first of the YouTube videos that we share.  This one is about Wli Todzi which I did a prior blog post about, “Wli Todzi: Community Based Tourism in the Volta Region of Ghana.”

I hope you enjoyed the short documentary.  I would encourage you to check out Rise Up Development Collective, they are working to develop Wli Todzi in partnership with the village.  If you live in Southern California there is a unique opportunity to help and get involved in the development of a sustainable health clinic in the village.  Go like them on their facebook page here.

If you would like to visit Wli Todzi, we have a great adventure where you can go and stay there in a home stay for a night, click the link below.  You can also visit Wli Todzi while doing any of our volunteer programs.


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