Music Video Monday #2: Rex Omar, Highlife Music

Green Bug AdventuresWow, we are already to the second video in the Music Video Monday series.  For this week I am featuring a video by Rex Omar, in a genera called Highlife.  Highlife is a fusion of many different flavors of music but is still uniquely West African.  The distinction is in the way the guitar is played often it is played with all of the fingers similar to the the banjo (which originated in Africa).  It is called Highlife because in its hay day in the 1960s it was listened and danced to by elites downtown in clubs and the people outside would refer to it as the Highlife, the name stuck.  There are a couple of different variants of highlife also, some feature more lyrical styles, other make use of big band.  It is also called called Palmwine music.

I was fortunate enough to meet Rex Omar briefly when I was a student at the University of Ghana, he came into my class to pay respects to our professor and he met each one of us in the class of 8.

Below is a Highlife legend playing some cords with close ups of the hands so you can learn to play.  This video looks like it is in the courtyard at the University of Ghana School of Music and Dance.

Hope you enjoyed the music, look forward to another video next week.

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