Music Video Monday #3: Afro Beat, Ebo Taylor

Last week we showed a video by Rex Omar that was an introduction to Highlife Music of Ghana. This week I would like to play off of that and introduce some Afro Beat. Afro Beat was popularized by Fela Kuti of Nigeria but around the same time there was an Afro Beat movement going on in Ghana too. It sprouted by similar circumstances of musicians who may have traveled to the US and learned Jazz or those heavily influenced by it. It is also still heavily influnced by the guitar playing that evolved from Highlight, Palm Wine music, and West African Guitar music in General that was popular in the 60s. Afro Beat became popular in the 70’s with a lot more percussion and you can probably also hear some funk in there too.

The video this week is not a true music video but the music is great, press play and let it play while you are checking your email or something.  This is Ebo Taylor with the song Heaven.  The album is Ghana Soundz: Afrobeat, Funk, and Fusion in the 70s Ghana and the whole thing can be listened too on

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