YouTube Tuesday #6: Taking the Yapei Queen across Lake Volta

This video is an informative mini documentary from a traveler who took the Yapei Queen from Port Akosombo to Yeji on the Volta Lake in Ghana.  The Volta lake was for a long time the largest man-made lake in the world that the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah commissioned.  I believe that the Three Gorges Dam project in China has now created a reservoir that is larger than the Volta Lake.

This blocked up section of river is very important for the lively hood of many people and the economics of Ghana.  Ghana has reaped the rewards of over 50 years of power from the dams generators, it is also a liquid highway that allows for easy transportation of goods up and down the length of the country.  The fishing stocks also maintain the lively hood of many people living on the lake and beyond.

As far as transportation goes the Yapei Queen is a great way to see a side rarely seen of Ghana, and get from the South to the North or from the North to the South, missing the miles of bumpy roads.  It is not an easy journey though and can be quite slow with its many stops and often delays.  There are only a couple of cabins on board and they are usually booked, but there is nothing wrong with doing as all the locals do and sleep on the cool deck.  The journey usually takes between 24 and 48 hours and can be started at either Yeji in the north or Akosombo dam in the South, it all depends on the schedule, you should call or get local information before attempting this.  But when compared to about a day of all out driving on rough roads to cover the same distance it seems like a good alternative.  I have not had the opportunity to do this trip yet, but look forward to it one day.


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