Congratulations to the Black Stars of Ghana!

For all of the World Cup followers out there I am sure you are already aware that Ghana has squeaked through their group to the knock out round of the world cup.  What you may not have known is that they are only the second African team to do this in two consecutive world cups.  The other team to rise to this level formerly was Nigeria who has had a rough time at this World Cup and will not be progressing any further. Ghana will play the US on Saturday which should be a really good game.  Back in 2006 Ghana beat the US in a group match so the US will be looking to change the outcome this time.  But I believe that Ghana has a good chance at winning if they can put the right offence together. Ghana is very much a football crazy county, for visitors there are many opportunities to experience the jubilance which Ghanaians hold for this game.  It is possible to watch games of the Ghana premier league teams in most of the regional capitals.  Doing this you will experience the sites and sounds with colorfully dressed and painted fans.  This is a great way to mix with Ghanaians and join in the festive spirit surrounding soccer even when there is not a World Cup. It is also possible to jump into a pick up game pretty much anywhere where there is enough room to play and it is level enough for people to play soccer.  Just be careful a number of your opponents will be bare footed.  In the north and a number of the less affluent areas you will see the innovation and ingenuity that goes into making a ball to play with.  There are balls that are made out of wicker material and even plastic bags.  That being said you could be the biggest hero to whole villages full of children in many parts of the country for as simple of an act as bringing a ball from abroad to give to them.  It goes without saying that ball will have a long hard life with lots of games in its future on red dirt pitches and bring many smiles to many faces.
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