Music Video Monday #11: King Ayisoba, The Whole World

I love this video it ties so much of Ghana together into five minutes and 9 seconds.  It tells the sorry of a man in the Shantis along the railroad tracks who buys a traditional instrument that is played from Senegal to Ghana, and then pours his soul into playing it, being discovered by a passing music producer.  He is then pulled into the very modern music industry of Ghana and rises to stardom.  There are many juxtapositions of Ghana presented in this video.  From the shani towns to the nice cars and the high life of Ghana.  From the traditional style of this music being intertwined with the modern music industry of Ghana that has largely forgot about this style.  There are so many facets of life in Ghana that it is difficult to ever capture it in a single video or even explain it but this one showed a lot of different sides of Ghana.


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