YouTube Tuesday #11: Dancing in Jamestown

Dancing, drumming, and music are very important parts of peoples every day live and the culture in Ghana.  The West African Talking drum was the way of communication in West Africa before their were phones or ways to get around quickly, messages were telegraphed from village to village with a drum that changes pitches depending on how hard it is squeezed under the arm.  This is just one aspect of the historical importance of drums and music.  Dancing is also a way of telling stories and re-living history, and this is also very fundamental to the culture in Ghana.

In this video a drumming and dancing group in Jamestown, Accra showcase their skills.  In most places in the country it is possible to find cultural troupes that will show you their dancing and drumming.  If you are visiting Ghana you should not miss this.  One of my favorite parts of large drumming groups that really isn’t ever captured on video is when you relax and just let the music flow into your ears it ceases to be individual sounds and notes, the music takes on a life of its own and creates an un-describable force that seems to rise and drop with the beat.


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