Wanderer Wednesday #7: Favorite Places in Ghana

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite places in Ghana and each of them are a reason why I fell in love with Ghana and continue to go back. The people that I met at each of these places had a large part to do with the great experiences I had, and with them being my favorite places.

Gomoa Fete:

I visited Gomoa Fete for the first time when I was a student at the University of Ghana in 2004. My roommate at the time had already went to Gomoa Fete a few weeks before for the Yam Festival and had a great time, which was a big influence in him going again and me tagging along for the first time. We went and connected with a Ghanaian friend’s family who gave us a place to say and were very kind and hospitable. We spent the next day at the beach, having sort of a beach party with about 10 local men, swimming, kicking back and eating when it was time. Over all it was such a great weekend. The beach is beautiful there, there is a point and on one side long strait beach with Tills Beach Resort on it. On the other side of the point is a large cove with the outlet to the Lagoon and the fishing beach where the fishermen land their boats. As you head out to the point along a narrow path that can be crowded with women and children carrying water you pass by a derelict, rusted out fishing trawler that long ago met its doom here, and then you reach a little cut out in the cliff with a sandy little beach, a cabana and a well that has water that flows right out of the rocks. It seemed like every one we met was so friendly and inviting. It is no surprise that I went back two more times and enjoyed the visits just as much as my first one.

The only downside was that I was having such a good time and just enjoying being there that I never got a picture of Gomoa Fete or anyone there.

Mognori Eco-Village GhanaMognori Eco-Village:

I was fortunate enough to visit Mognori Eco-Village in January of 2010, while visiting Mole National Park. The village is on the outskirts of the park and the people have opened up their village to visitors as a way to promote economic development and offer a contrast to the animals of the park. While there I took a river safari into Mole, there were hundreds of different kinds of birds that we saw while on the river, and amazingly our guide had self-taught himself the names of all the birds in English.

We also took a village tour where we were introduced to the chiefs family, shown the economic and agricultural activities of the village, and visited the medicine man. Once again everyone we met was so friendly and welcoming us to their village and homes. The medicine man helped me and my father, we were both somewhat congested, and he went and got a bark from a tree for us to chew on every day, and it really seemed to work to clear us up. The kids in the village were so fun, they would show us their games showing off for us, or come around a corner and make a little face then run off giggling. While dinner was being prepared we had a circle of kids and teenagers around us visiting with us and entertaining us.

At night the village came together to do some dancing and drumming around a bon fire. They even got us involved in the dancing, even though most of the old men were doing a better job than I could ever do. I can truthfully say that saying good bye the next morning after our homestay was difficult with all the friends we had made in the brief amount of time.

Cape Three Points GhanaCape Three Points:

Cape Three Points area is great because there is so much to do and so much of what makes Ghana great in one area. There are miles and miles of empty beautiful beaches, quiet fishing villages with friendly people, trails for hiking, localized tours, and boutique lodges and Eco-lodges. There is a little something for everyone in this area, and even with the abundance of great places to stay, and activities it never seems over run by tourists.

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