Music Video Monday #14: Obour: Obour

This video may seem a little narcissistic in the way the Obour (the name of the artist) repeats his name over and over again in the lyrics of this song.  This video is set up to be like a folk story like many young Ghanaian children hear.  In this case the singer has put himself in the role of the mythical hero, and often these stories are quite repetitive, rinse the chorus.

I was fortunate enough to hear many of the Anansia the spider stories as a child in elementary school in small town US, I do not know how many other Americans had the same benefit, but I really enjoyed them.  They originate from stories told by the Ashanti people in central Ghana.

Obour has been in the Hip-Life industry for some time and is very popular, I got to see him at La Badi beach in 2004, great entertainer and very popular in Ghana.

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