Music Video Monday #15: Ghana Xylophone music

Not really a music video in the traditional sense but there is music and it is a video.  Personally I can not resist the sound of the Ghana Xylophone, or the different variations of it around West Africa.  When I was a kid I loved to the the Kazoo, for some reason I just like the reverberating noise that it made and how it tickled your lips.  I think I am equally attracted to the sound of the West African Xylophone because of this also.  What looks like a rudimentary frame of wood with some wood keys on , is actually a very sophisticated instrument that makes and equally sophisticated sound.

The keys are actually held in the frame with rope, then below each key is a hallow gourde with a whole cut in one end below the key and another hole in it with what was traditionally the egg sack from spiders.  They may use a different material now but the primes is the same, it acts like the wax paper that we would use in Kazoos as a kid to create a reverberating sound.


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