YouTube Tuesday #14: Busua, Ghana

This video title Busua Ghana, was taken by a lady named Lulu while visiting Busua and  doing some surfing.  Looks like she had a great time surfing and playing with the kids.  Surfing is a great way to mix with the locals and enjoy the ocean, while challenging yourself.   There is rarely ever a wait on a break in Ghana, so you can tire yourself out quickly surfing and then enjoy the time to do so much more.


Busua is in the Western region of Ghana, and within walking distance of a number of very friendly welcoming fishing villages.  We have a couple of great ways to visit this area and get to know it for yourself.

We have partnered with Black Star surf shop to offer, Surf Camps where beginners learn how to surf, and surf tours where you will tour some of the best breaks in the area with an expert local guide.

If you don’t want to dedicate your time to surfing that is fine because we have a trekking trip where you will have all the benefits of taking your time sucking up the sights and places you will visit in the Cape Three Points area at the pace of walking.

We also offer a great way to get a feel for most of the coastal area of Ghana along with the historical attractions, and lush national parks, on our Beach and Sun Holiday.


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