9 Hours in Accra

Recently I have been reading this blog “What Yo’ Mama Never Told You About Ghana,” written by a Ghanaian woman who went to college and graduate school in the US then she returned to Ghana to live.  I really like the perspective she brings to a lot of her writing, and it is definitely entertaining.  Recently she wrote and article about if a friend of hers were to come into Accra for 9 hours, what would should he do and see, and how would he do it? This question was interesting to me because it was one of the questions that I am going to be asking the guides, that I will be meeting with and evaluating for my guests, on my trip to Ghana in January.  I think the answer to this question would be a great indicator of how well someone knows the area, and their creativity as to if they can come up with something new or unique.  Ms. Cleland gave some good ideas, I really like the short stint outside of Accra to Kokrobite, because it is distinctly more beautiful than Accra and better represents the coastal areas of Ghana.  The downside to that one is that it is pretty touristy but what really can you expect in just 9 hours, it is by far better than La badi beach.  I would then take a slight detour from her plans from there, after returning from Big Millies in Kokrobite I would have him head to James Town, Accra to get a feel for the old part of town.  This would also allow for a birds eye view of the area from the light house.  I would then have him onto Mokola market where he can really take in the sights, sounds, and smells of bustling Accra.  This would be a great place to do some people watching like the author suggested. After doing all the traveling and experiencing the beautiful “organized chaos” of the market he is definitely in need of a cold Star beer, and some chop.  For this I would suggest Asanka Locals but the problem is that it is across town and I think that he really needs to see the Nkrumah Mausoleum also.  I must thank Ms. Cleland for suggesting shopping at Global Mamas also since you know I am always an advocate of buying local fair trade, and this is the place to do it.  If he would like more crafts and gifts to take home I would suggest a stop at Tetteh Quarshie Art Market to get some before hoping on the plane.
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2 Responses to 9 Hours in Accra

  1. Esi Cleland says:

    Hey…cool blog. I like the name:)

    Thanks for visiting mine. Please come back again, soon.

    You make excellent suggestions. I should take a trip to Jamestown. I’ve never been there to just…look. I’ve only passed through it briefly when going to and from other parts of Accra. Will check it out.

    Just a point of correction. I grew up in Ghana, not the US. I only spent 6 years in the US – 4 years of college and 2 years of graduate school:)

  2. admin says:

    Thank you,

    I will definitely continue to read your blog.

    You should try a place in Airport residential sometime on a weekend morning if they are still in business it is called Jazz Tone, they have Jazz music and really good food.

    Thanks for the correction, I am sorry about that, it has been changed in the post.

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