Music Video Monday #21: Kofi B, Koforidua

This is a perfect example of a song or the type of song that you would hear in Ghana in a taxi or blarring from a speaker at one of the many drinking “spots.”  This song would probably be considered pop, contemporary high-life, or R & B in Ghana.  And it seems to be very popular with all ages and the general public.

This particular songs title gives us a number of clues as to what the song is about.  Koforidua is a small city in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and this is where Kofi B is probably from.  As far as the flowers part, there is very clearly a dual meaning there referring to the beauty and the flowers of the city of Koforidua and of course the lovely ladies.

Koforidua is very nice to visit being within 2 hours of Accra by car and in the cooler mountains.  The town really comes to life during the Easter Holiday weekend where there is an international renowned paragliding festival there.  Learn how to visit here.

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