YouTube Tuesday #19: Mole National Park

Many people do not even consider West Africa when looking to travel to Ghana because they want to take Safari, and there are great Safari’s in East and South Africa.  Ghana has so much to offer a visitor and wildlife is only part of it.  But one of the highlights of many people’s trips to Ghana is Mole National Park.  Here you can get up close and personal with some great wildlife, like Elephants, Bush Buck, Antelope, Baboons, other primates, many many birds, and reptiles.

Ghana is one of the few places in Africa you can take a very affordable Safari staying at a lodge right in the park, and one of even fewer places where you can still take a walking Safari.  All of this with out the crowds of other tourists.  See for yourself in this video, Mole National Park is truly a gem.  We offer some great ways for you to experience the park, we have an over all tour of Ghana with some time spent a mole in our South to North, Culture and Wildlife Adventure, and an in depth adventure in Mole with our Mole Camping Trip.


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