Music Video Monday #22: Efya- Sexy Sassy Wahala

This video is a perfect example of pigeon English, its popularity in Ghanaian entertainment, and its connections the traditional languages.  Efya very much brings the Sexy Sassy, and well the Wahala part may be a little hard for you to understand.  Wahala is pigeon for trouble, problem or nuisance.  It comes from the Hausa word Wahala that means the same thing.  It has made its way into pigeon English in both Ghana and Nigeria, both of which countries  have Hausa’s populations in the North.

This video is also a soundtrack video for the movie Adams Apples, which is a Ghanaian film that seems to put some light on the newer phenomenon of empowered independent women in the urban areas of Ghana.  And to many these women can seem like a sexy sassy problem.


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