YouTube Tuesday #20: Doing Business in Africa Ghana

CNBC Africa with this program won the best TV Program award in 2009.  This 4 point series takes an in depth look at doing business in Ghana and what the major industries are and reasons for success and areas that could cause issues.

Some of the words in the program that come up time and time again about why Ghana is a great place to do business are:

  • Peace
  • Stability
  • Democracy
  • Good Governance

These are all very true combined with the ease of doing business due to the goverment recognizing the potential of Ghana as a great business hub.  It is far easier to start and run a business in Ghana than many other places in Africa and the world.  The Ghana Investment and Promotional center has laid out a very easy and strait forward policy on how non-nationals can invest in Ghana and giving incentives for export and local partnership.  These incentives include up to 10 years of tax holidays, and residence within the country.

Each part of this four part segment highlights some of the different industries and markets in Ghana.  If you do not have time for all of them the first one is a great introduction to Ghana with some information about the growing oil industry.  The second focuses on Agricultural and mineral goods, and the third on finance markets and IT.  The fourth and last but far from the least is the local business market and they choose to look at fashion, Canoe Magazine, and coffin carving industries.  This is the most important sector for the long term growth and stability in in Ghana, and also one that we can choose to support with how we travel to Ghana.  The sustainable tourism industry is only just getting its start in Ghana and it is important that travelers show that they care about these things.  Green Bug Adventures has partnered with local companies and helps to promote this message with our travel products and help travelers seamlessly enjoy Ghana in a responsible way.

Contact us if you want to learn about responsible investing opportunities in Ghana.





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2 Responses to YouTube Tuesday #20: Doing Business in Africa Ghana

  1. hey holli, how do you find al jazeera as a news source on ghana and west africa, compared to other news sources?

  2. admin says:

    I cant say that I have read much al jazeera lately so I can not really answer that question. Like any news source though there is bias and if you are aware of that and build a better picture of a situation by multiple sources you will have a better idea of what is going on. I like because it is a combination of many sources.

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