An Eco-date Night in Denver

Last week I got to spend and evening with my sweetie, but this time I wanted to do something a little different from the standard dinner and a movie.  Denver recently had launched their bike share program.  It is now almost impossible to go anywhere in central Denver without seeing people cruising down the streets and sidewalks in the red coated shared bikes.  I decided that this evening was as good as any to try the bikes.Denver Bike Sharing Station From my place it was about a 5 block walk to the nearest bike share station.  There we procured our transportation for the evening.  The fares are very reasonable at $5 for a 24 hour pass; there are other longer passes available for tourists, or people that might use them more for a daily commute or something.  We hoped on our bikes and proceeded to get used to the steering and the 3 gear system on our way to the entrance to Cherry Creek Bike path.  The steering took a little while to get used to because of a good sized basket on the front. We were both surprised how well the bikes rode though as we cruised along Cherry Creek towards downtown.  They were not multi thousand dollar road bikes that were constantly careening by us, but were very comfortable and moved along at a healthy pace.  When we got downtown to where we were going to eat we only needed to divert about a block to find another station to return our bikes to a safe place while we ate.  If I were to plan another eco-date I would take some more time to do some research into what restaurants to eat at for sustainable locally sourced cuisine.  But being in the infancy of Eco-dating this detail was neglected on this outing, so there is some room for improvement. After dinner we enjoyed a walk through Confluence Park in the cool evening after sunset air.  This is also an excellent park to share a post dinner bottle of wine if you come prepared.  We then picked up some new bikes at another station and road back up the bike path home.  My date and I both had a lot of fun and felt fulfilled by out adventure.  This would be a great way to enjoy time with friends, a unique first date, or like us just changing things up for a new dating experience.  For tourists to Denver this would also be an excellent way to experience central Denver. For more information about the Denver bike share program please visit their site here.
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  1. Chelsea says:

    What a great idea!!

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