Tribewanted Project in Sierra Leone

Have you even read about one of those projects you really wish you could be involved in but it just doesn’t work with the place you are in, be it professionally or, family, or in my case because I am putting everything I have into starting a business.  Well the Tribewanted project in Sierra Leone taking place now is one of those things that I wish I could be a part of.  It encompasses so many of my interests and passions into one great adventure.  This is serious enough that I really have a hard time sitting down for long enough to read a whole lot about it because it gets me itching to be there.  But I finally buckled down and have done it.  I will share some of the best articles and information about it here for you.

The goal of the project is to set up a an ecolodge with the partnership of the community.  This project uses foreign volunteers to build and help fund the project with some consultation on what direction to take it.  Watch the tailor below.



Tribewanted was started in 2006 in Fiji by Ben Keene, it was time to start a new tribe in a new location and he choose Sierra Leone

The aim is to build an eco village at John Obey Beach for visiting tribe members (eco tourists) to live in for a minimum of a week at a time and to support sustainable development in the local community. Through this we would like to help shift the negative perception of the country while continuing to inspire our members, and those that follow the story, towards more sustainable living.

Their location on John Obey Beach may seem like paradise, but when building a sustainable ecotourism project there are a number of challenges.

“You come here with low expectations when it comes to getting stuff done, but even with that mental preparation we weren’t ready for the depth of bureaucracy we faced when trying to get our container full of materials for the community (solar panels, cooking equipment etc) out of the port. We got the container eventually but at a serious cost (which should have gone into local jobs) and feel let down by some of the authorities on the promises of investing in sustainable development.”

“We’ve been drilling for water for almost a month without success. The machine that promises to break bedrock into the aquifer seemingly can’t. Fortunately we have good river water which we can cart in from upstream while the drilling – inch by inch – continues.”

The project is just starting to get underway with the first arriving volunteers.  Wish it fit into my schedule and budget right now becuase I would love to be on of the founding tribe members, what a great experience.

There is still space available if you want to join the tribe.

“Tribe members” each pay £295 to spend a week living alongside locals, and are encouraged to assist with the construction of the village. The project has the backing of local charities and all profits are invested into the surrounding area through its partner Shine On Sierra Leone. Despite cyclones and military coups, the first Tribewanted resort in Fiji, launched in 2006 and the subject of a five-part BBC documentary, has already injected close to £1 million into the local economy. For more information


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