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5 Lodging Providers with the Green Bug Ecotourism Rating are now listed

Green Bug Adventures is committed to finding the highest quality (though not most expensive) destinations and accommodations for our customers.  As part of this mission, we have developed a system for rating how well lodging providers live up to our … Continue reading

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The Dark Side to Chocolate: What can you do?

Ever wonder where you chocolate comes from and how it gets to your store with a
wrapper on it? Well there is a lot that goes into that and I can not pretend that I know all
about it but I know where it starts. There is a good chance that you chocolate started in
West Africa in one of two countries being Ghana, or Ivory Coast. Ghana is the second
largest cocoa producer in the world and the Ivory Coast is the largest. A couple of weeks
ago an article came out making a formal link between chocolate producer Hersey’s to
child labor, and forced labor conditions. Continue reading

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An Article by Jo Lancaster From Edge of Africa: Community Based Conservation

Community Based Conservation

Often in the past conservation projects have been based on the idea that conservation and community are two separate things and often conservation efforts have resulted in the exclusion of local communities; however these days many conservation initiatives are taking a new direction and often aim to include local communities in order to ensure their success. Continue reading

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