Music Video Monday #21: Kofi B, Koforidua

This is a perfect example of a song or the type of song that you would hear in Ghana in a taxi or blarring from a speaker at one of the many drinking “spots.”  This song would probably be considered pop, contemporary high-life, or R & B in Ghana.  And it seems to be very popular with all ages and the general public.

This particular songs title gives us a number of clues as to what the song is about.  Koforidua is a small city in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and this is where Kofi B is probably from.  As far as the flowers part, there is very clearly a dual meaning there referring to the beauty and the flowers of the city of Koforidua and of course the lovely ladies.

Koforidua is very nice to visit being within 2 hours of Accra by car and in the cooler mountains.  The town really comes to life during the Easter Holiday weekend where there is an international renowned paragliding festival there.  Learn how to visit here.

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YouTube Tuesday #18: Kakum National Park Canopy Walk

If you are scared of heights this could be very difficult for you.  Kakum National Park near Cape Coast, Ghana has a very unique jungle experience.  About a 15 minute hike from the parks main gate tourist center is the start of the canopy walk.  It starts on top of a hill on a platform and you walk on level suspended bridges between tree top platforms, as the forest floor drops away from you below you will get to about a 130 feet into the tree tops.  The whole experience is 7 bridges with platforms between them that stretches about 1000 feet.

In another area of Kakum it is possible to sleep in the rain forest in a tree house platform.  This is a great way to hear the sounds of the forest.  You can experience Kakum in our Beach and Sun Adventure, and our Day in the Life of  Ghanaian tour.


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Bringing the Eco-Volunteering Spirit to Your Own Backyard

This is a guest blog by Anni Murry a freelance writer for

Writing about eco-voluntourism means learning about the many thousands of ways a person can make a difference abroad. The sheer number of opportunities is staggering: helping children in Haiti, bringing clean water to Somalia, fighting oppression in Tibet, clearing trails in the Everglades… With so much to do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I’ve found though, that I gravitate towards a particular category of project. These are initiatives that speak to my own personal passions and interests. When I’m choosing a volunteer opportunity, it invariably involves wildlife and conservation. Continue reading

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Music Video Monday #20: Trigmatic, Mi Fri Ghana

Ghanaians are extremely patriotic, and they will be the first to tell you how wonderful Ghana is.  This is very evident when ever there is a World Cup going on and not only are people around the world noticing how well this little country plays soccer but how energetic and patriotic their fans are painted from head to toe in Red, Yellow and Green, adorned with the Black Star, the colors and symbols of Ghana and their independence.

Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday #17: Glimpses of Kumasi

Kumasi, the Garden City, Ghana’s second largest city and the center of the Ashanti Empire.  This is a great little video showing some scenes of the streets of Kumasi.  There is a great mix of western and Ghanaian fashion and this video does a great job of showcasing it.  Lets be gone with the days of thinking that most people in Africa live in straw huts, there are smartly dressed sophisticated people living in vibrant cities all over the continent.


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Wanderer Wednesday #11: Eco-travel Responsibly

The world tourism industry is the largest in the world. With this sort of power there is so much potential for environmental harm, but there are things that can be done to do good while traveling that can decrees the impact or even reverse it.

The Tourism Giant

Being the largest industry in the world it is not hard to imagine all the waste, pollution and social harm that can be done by tourism. Think about all the towels and sheets being laundered everyday at hotels, the water this uses and chemicals that are released in the water. Looking into the sky at the criss-cross of jet trials the amount of fuel and emissions from airlines in unfathomable. And the extra traffic from rental cars, airport shuttles and taxis, adds up and takes its toll. Continue reading

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Music Video Monday #19: KAMALAFROSEVENTY

Our music video showcases usually focus on videos that were filmed in Ghana showing off the beautiful nation.  This one is a little different being that it was filmed somewhere in Europe put still provides a very positive message by an international group with some Ghanaian members.


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Wanderer Wednesday #10: Recipe for Jollof Rice

In one of my prior posts, about FAQs I briefly touch on some of the food that is enjoyed in Ghana. Jollof rice is one of the popular dishes in Ghana that is equally enjoyed by westerners alike. This dish is also one of my favorites.

This red spiced rice looks something like Spanish rice but has a stronger flavor and is a bit Spicer. Most west African countries have a version of Jollof Rice so it may not be specifically Ghanaian. In Ghana it is usually eaten with fried plantains, a coleslaw type salad, shito or a tomato sauce, and a choice of meat. The meat is usually fish (tilapia), chicken (fried or broiled), or goat. You can enjoy this rice with pretty much any protein that you may choose to eat it with. Every person probably has a different way of making jollof rice but below we will give you a good recipe to get you started. Goes great with mushrooms, Chicken fried or grilled, beef or shrimp.

Here is a recipe for Jollof rice:

  • 2 cups of uncooked rice

  • 3 cups of water

  • 2 cans of tomato Puree

  • 6 table spoons of Olive oil

  • 1 Large Red onion

  • 2 small onions

  • 2 Chopped Habanero Peppers

  • 2 tomatoes

  • 2 cubes of chicken bouillon

  • 2 large carrots

  • 1 red bell pepper

  • 3 cups of Green cabbage shredded

  • Pinch of Salt

  • Pinch of pepper

  • 1 tea spoon of cayenne pepper


Blend carrots, peppers, and 2 onions together in a food processor or blender and set aside in the fridge for later.

In a frying pan (or in a large pot) fry a sliced onion until soft and see through with the olive oil then add the tomato puree, continue cooking in pan for another 4-5 minutes.

Add the puree mixture along with the blended mixture from before to large pot and crumble the chicken bouillon cubes to it. Cook on medium until oil reaches the surface.

Add the rice and 2 cups water, stirring well; add another cup of water carrots and cabbage cook on low until most of the liquid has disappeared. Then cover and simmer on low until rice is soft. Serve with your protein and enjoy.

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YouTube Tuesday #16: Ghana, a new hotbed for tourism

Ghana is working on promoting tourism within the country as a way to develop and bring in foreign capital, which makes since because tourism is one of the largest industries in the world.  Ghana also has a number of things going for it, like its peace, welcoming culture, wonderful weather, and beautiful natural areas.

In February of this year Epic World Media received a contract and funds from USAID and a number of public and private sector partners like the Ghana Tourism Authority and many private company to promote Ghana.  The plan is to have a 30 minute promotional video and then a 30 second commercial to air in the US and Canada.  Like the video below they are taking a very wide approach to destination marketing, not focusing on any of the niches that Ghana offers as a travel destination.

Let me know what you think of this video.  I personally like the way it started but went downhill from there, for some reason it digressed into an urban party video.  Ghana has so much more to offer than that, it was sad that half the video focused on this.  I think that the Ecotourism market has more of potential to help to responsibly develop the country and the trickle down effect of funds will be more beneficial to more people than the type of tourism that was depicted in this video.


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Music Video Monday #18: Edem, Over Again

This Hip-Video is another example of the club music that is very popular with the youth throughout the country.  Especially so with the city youth, there is a busling urban culture developing in the cities of Ghana, with music and dance at the center of it all.  This video is currently at #3 on this weeks Ghana music charts over at Check out the Azonto moves in this video.


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