Cape Three Points Trekking Adventure

Price Per Person for 4 travelers: $1730

Price Per Person for 2 travelers: $2110

Price Per Person for a single traveler:$3255

14 Days of trekking through paradise, staying each night in lovely beach front Eco-lodges

This unique tour offered by no-one else is a great way to get to see so much of what makes Ghana amazing. On this tour you will walk or hike through a rural coastal area of Ghana staying each night in lovely beach side eco-lodges. During the day there will be time to acquaint yourself with your surroundings in each area, whether it be exploring castles, taking a canoe crocodile safari, learning to surf, learning to cook, drumming, and exploring rubber plantations and rain forest reserves. You will also connect with friendly fishing villages where all the children will want you to be their new friend.


The Cape Three Points area of Ghana is in the far Western Region, where the beaches are endless and clean and the people welcoming and kind. This complex of capes forms the most southern area of Ghana along the Sea of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. This area is special because of the opportunity it provides visitors to get to know the area and do so by hiking between communities. There is a complex of heritage trails in the area that go back hundreds of years used by the Ahanta people in the area to travel between their communities. Today the trails still exist and wind their way through Coconut Groves, Rubber Plantations, thickets of Bamboo and butterflies. Until recently a trip like this was not really possible for the casual visitor though because of the lack of accommodations within walking distance of each other. Now there are a number of great Ecolodges that make this trip not only possible but truly unforgettable.


Itinerary Summary:

Day 1: Arrive in Accra, stay in beautiful Afia African Village.

Day 2: Explore Accra, another night in Afia African Village.

Day 3: Drive down the coastline to Butre, and stay outside the village at Fanta’s Folly.

Day 4: Explore the area around Butre.

Day 5: Hike to Busua, spend the afternoon relaxing and exploring the village.

Day 6: Spend the day doing day tours in Busua area, or surfing lesson.

Day 7: Hike to Green Turtle Lodge near Akwidaa.

Day 8: Hike to Ezile Bay Eco-village.

Day 9: Canoe Ezile Mangroves, learn some cooking, take a village tour.

Day 10: Hike to Cape Three Points and Escape3Points Lodge.

Day 11: Explore the lighthouse, Cape Three Points Village.

Day 12: Hike into the Cape Three Point Reserve.

Day 13: Hike to Princess Town on the other side of Cape Three Points, meet up with transportation to Axim and Lou Moon Lodge.

Day 14: Spend the day at Lou Moon lodge enjoying the beauty and winding down from your trip.

Day 15: Drive back to Accra and spend your last night at Afia African Village again.

Day 16: Fly home. Or continue your journey on your own.


Extended Itinerary:

Day 1: You will be welcomed at Kotoko International airport by a Guide/Driver who will transfer you to your accommodations for the night at Afia African Village.

Jay-Nii Beach Light House

Day 2: To truly appreciate how amazing Ghana is and how it has evolved into the proud nation it is today you will get a comprehensive introduction by visiting the following sites in Accra.

  • Makola Market
  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
  • D.E.B Dubois Center

Day 3: It is time to get on the road and head out of the busy city west down the coast line, passing through the major regional capitals Cape Coast and Takaradi. Around evening time you will reach your destination at Fanta’s Folly Lodge where you will say good bye to your driver and start enjoying the beauty of this beach resort.

Fanta's Folly beach Resort Ghana

Day 4: In the morning you will meet your walking guide for the Cape There Points area. After breakfast you can take a short walk down the beach to the village of Butre (about 2km). There is a crocodile canoe safari that goes up the river there and a castle on the hill to explore. Spend the rest of the day enjoying the beach and villages along it. You will spend another night at Fanta’s Folly

Day 5: After breakfast you will hike down the same beach that you did the day before and through the village of Butre, and over the forested hill to the other side of the Cape where you will drop down into village of Busua (About 4km). Here you will stay in Dadson’s lodge a comfortable but not flashy local hotel. Spend the afternoon on the beach or exploring the village.

Ghana Surfing lesson

Day 6: There is so much to do in Busua during the day. Take a surf lesson, or take one of the local tours with our partners Black star Surf Shop. Stay another night at Dodson’s Lodge.

This is the point where you can add a week long surf camp, this will be inserted right into the middle of your Trekking Adventure and the trekking will pick up right where you left off when the camp is over.  If you are learning to surf after this week you will be standing and riding on waves.  If you are a more advanced surfer you will spend your week taking day trips with a local guide exploring many of the epic surf spots in the area.  This extra week of surfing will cost you an additional $682, look for this option on the check out page after hitting the “buy online” button at the bottom of the page.

Day 7: After breakfast you will hike to Dixcove (about 2km) and explore a colonial castle there, and the market. You will then have a long hike to Green Turtle Lodge about 10km where you can sprawl out by the pool or the little cove down on the beach.

Day 8: After the long hike the day before you will be content to spend the day enjoying the beach, and the delights out of the kitchen at Green Turtle Lodge.  Learn how to cook some local dishes or finish that book you always wanted to.Cape Three Points view Ghana   At the end of the day you will hike about 1 km down the beach the end of the road and the village of Akwidaa that you will pass through and walk over the foot bridge over one more hill to be greeted at the beautiful Ezile Bay Village Eco-Lodge.

Day 9: Waking up on the beautiful Ezile Bay, it is time to explore the area, you can take cooking lessons and a canoe trip up the river into the mangroves. Enjoy the rest of the day on the beach relaxing then spending another night at Ezile Bay.

Escape3PointsDay 10: Another day of hiking, on this one you will go further into the Cape Three Points area. The hike will start along the coast line and then go through a little forest area before finishing up on the road with a couple of km to Escape3Points Lodge.

Day 11: Escape3Points is located on a beautiful remote beach that curves down to the most southern point of Ghana at the tip of Cape Three Points. You can take a walk down the beach into the village of Cape Three Points and then head out to the Lighthouse. After the light house you can check out the village and then head back to the lodge and relax on the beach. Or if you are up to a more active afternoon not too far inland from Cape Three Points, is the reserve which offers a very high biodiversity of all different kinds of plants and animals. You will stay another night at Escape3Points.

Lou Moon Lodge IslandDay 12: Back on the trail you will hike through the village of Cape Three Points again and on the other side continue along the beach to the west before heading inland to cross a number of hilly capes before descending into a lovely fishing village with a lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other. There are a number of little fishing village that you will pass through on your way to Princess Town. These villages do not receive a lot of guests so they will be surprised that you walked across the capes and be very welcoming to you. When you reach Princess Town you will meet up with your transportation and take about a 40 minute ride to Axim and then onto Lou Moon Lodge. At this beautiful eco-lodge you can enjoy the calm water in the cove and spend your time relaxing and winding down from your hiking trip.

Day 13: You will have the whole day to do what you wish. Spend it relaxing on the manicured grounds of Lou Moon or take a short walk to the neighboring village. Axim also has a castle that you can go and explore.

Day 14: Drive back to Accra, and spend your last night in Afia African Village again.

What does this tour include?

This tour includes:

  • Transportation during the length of the tour while in Ghana
  • Driver/Guide
  • Accommodations
  • Breakfast

What does this tour not include?

You will be responsible for the following costs:

  • Airfare to and from Ghana (usually around $1300 to $2000)
  • Activities and entrance fees (budget around $300)
  • Tips
  • Lunch and Dinner (budget around $250)
  • Souvenirs and crafts
Optional Add-ons:
  • Week long Surf Camp Adventure
  • A day of volunteering and a home-stay at the end of your trip
  • Entry Visa Service for US travelers
  • An Accra City tour at the end of the trip





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