Busua, Ghana

Busua has been a favorite for off the beaten path travelers for as far back as the 60’s and 70’s. Recently though there has been an influx of more travelers looking to get away to un crowded beaches. There has been an increase in upscale travelers also with the construction of a number of hotels and one very large beach resort. This village has a lot going for it in terms of attraction for tourists. There is a beautiful beach running the distance of the village and past between two green capes. The village has given up the use of the beach as the bathroom so all of it is usable and pleasant for visitors. Right off the beach out about a km is a beautiful palmed island which just increases the aesthetics of the beach view here.

Five to ten years ago Busua had the reputation of being a little seedy and a place for back packers and mine workers to get away. This has changed with the level of accommodations improving. There are also more opportunities for tourists beyond just the beach also. Black Star surf shop popped up which is a community based surf shop and the only in the country, they offer surf lessons, instructed by a couple of Ghanaian surfers and some expat surfers. They also have a number of great day tours to integrate their programs into the community. The first skate boarding pool in West Africa was just finished here also, interestingly the kids in the village are picking up the sport quickly.

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