Kyabobo National Park, Ghana

Kyabobo (pronounced Chyabobo) is the newest national park in Ghana and located right on the border with Togo in the north of the Volta Region. Due to the rough roads and how remote it is there is a good chance you will be the only visitor during your stay at the park. There are many different things you can choose to do while visiting, there is plenty of hiking to do, waterfalls to visit, biking, camping, canoeing, visiting villages, wildlife viewing and inner tubing the river. On the Togo side of the border there is also a National Park that connects to Kyabobo called Fazao National Park.

The park is a beautiful landscape of rolling hills some of them very steep, and covered in dense foliage. It would be ideal if you had at least 3 days to spend exploring the area because there is so much to do and see. There are many animals within the park like elephants, leopards, buffalo, waterbuck and several primate species, but you may have to be lucky to see much wildlife with the density of the forest. You will have a much higher chance of seeing some of the smaller wildlife, like butterflies, bushbuck, birds, and Duikers. The symbol for the park is the Rock Hyrax, which is a large rodent and very common in Ghana sometimes called a Grass Cutter, it is sometimes sold on the road side in the form of kababs, but there is a good chance to see them in the park alive.

If you are active and looking for an adventure there is not another park in Ghana with the amount of activities as Kyabobo. Hiking is a great way to see the park, there are some great couple of hour hikes, day hikes to waterfalls, and even trails that go across the whole park that can take a couple of days. Surrounding the park there is a number of villages called the Hanging Villages that resemble those in the Himalayas hugging the sides of the mountains. These can easily be accessed by a hike. If you begin to work up a sweat there is no better way to cool off then take a swim under the pool of a waterfall or to inner tube down the Kue river that is the border between Ghana and Togo.

If you want to get to know the people in the area, visiting the village of Kue will welcome you. Here you can take a tour of the village, hike to the shrine within the park, and hike along the river. You can also stay in a community run guest house if you wish.

The town of Nkwanta very near the park headquarters has a number of reasonable hotels to stay in and restaurants to get some food. The park headquarters has a beautiful self-catered guest house that is very pleasant with 3 large rooms a living room, individual bathrooms, and a kitchen. There is also plenty of camping in the park and at the headquarters.

Below is the tour that we offer that has Kyabobo as a destination.  But remember we can always tailor make a tour just for you.


2 Responses to Kyabobo National Park, Ghana

  1. PIERO says:

    which mountain is the fall coming from?

  2. admin says:

    I am not sure of the name of the mountain there but it is a small range between Ghana and Togo right there on the border.

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