Ghana Adventure Tours

Your trip to the Gateway of Africa will be like nothing you have experienced before the time that get off the plane and feel the heavy tropical air, or the first time you hear the West African drum, or smell your first bowl of banku, it will be a trip of discovery and adventure.  Ghana is home to European castles and the friendliest people in Africa who will tell you “Akwaaba”(welcome in one of the local languages) everywhere you go and show you their rich culture, history, colorful festivals, beautiful empty beaches and some of the newest eco-tourism destinations in Africa.  Weather you are spending the day on the beach, riding the surf, touring the markets, walking on a foot bridge through the canopy of a rain forest, or walking nearly in the shadows of the Elephants of Mole, you will feel the beat of the African drums and spirit in you.


“Ghana has a number of the same draws as the Caribbean, friendly people, beautiful beaches,  wonderfully spicy foods, colorful festivals and celebrations.  What is great about Ghana in comparison is that it is free of mega resorts and cruise ship tourism.”

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