Ghana, Surf and Stay Adventure

Ghana surf tour

Explore the best breaks in the region with an experienced local guide for a week or learn how to surf.  Then enjoy a week of paradise on at a beach side Eco-lodge where you can continue surfing and exploring the area.

Prices for this adventure are as follows:

Single Traveler $1875

Two Travelers $1465 per person

Four Travelers $1305 per person

If you are here reading this now, I am sure you have some sort of idea of the amazing empty beaches, and breaking waves along Ghana’s coast line. Despite Ghana’s stable political history, safe travel history, bathtub warm water, and little risk from sharks and friendly locals with zero localism; Ghana remains an undiscovered surfing paradise. There are numerous point breaks making right after right down the coast line some of these breaks will carry you right by 400 year old colonial castles. One of the reasons why Ghana is relatively un-discovered is the lack of surf infrastructure but with Green Bug Adventures and Black Star Surf Shop you have very little to worry about.

Ghana Surf Spot

Ghana Surf Spot

On this 2 week adventure you will be picked up from the airport taken to a nice place to stay in Accra for the night, then the next day the fun really starts first with a drive out of the city down the coastline to the beautiful Western Region of Ghana where you will check into the surfing epicenter of the West African coast line at Black Star Surf Shop The next day you will meet your surf guide who you will surf with you for the next 7 days exploring the different breaks around Busua. When you are not in the water you will have drumming lessons to learn a little of Ghana’s rich culture, the drum will be yours to take home at the end of the trip. There are many other day trips and activities to do when out of the water that can also be arranged through the surf shop.

Escape3PointsAfter a week of guided surfing and enjoying the social surfing atmosphere in Busua it will be time for you to travel a little further afield and enjoy a wonderful week stay at a beach side Eco-lodge within walking distance from some of the best waves in the Cape Three Points Complex of Ghana. This is also a great place to just relax on the beautiful deserted beaches or do some exploring of the wonderful surrounding areas.

This trip will allow you to have 2 weeks of uninterrupted surfing with all the details of transportation, lodging and meals taken care of for you. Your only concern will be to decide if you want to surf a long right, maybe a short left, and then what to do with yourself when you are out of the water.


What is included:

  • All accommodations for the itinerary shown below.

  • Pickup at the airport in Accra and transfer to accommodations for the night in Accra

  • Transportation from Accra to Busua beach

  • A week of surf guiding with our partners Black Star Surf Shop

  • 2 Weeks of Surf Board and Rash Guard rental

  • Drumming lessons and a drum during the week of surfing with Black Star

  • 3 meals a day at the Surf Shop Restaurant while in Busua

  • Accommodations in Busua

  • Transportation from Busua to Escape 3 Points at Cape Three Points

  • 7 Days of stay with meals at Escape 3 Points

  • Return Transportation back to Accra

What is NOT included:

  • Airfare to and From Ghana

  • Passport and Ghana Visa

  • Any nights stays beyond what is covered in the itinerary below

  • Drinks and bar tabs

  • Day trips and activities not covered in the itinerary

  • Damage to Rental boards


Day 1: You will arrive in Accra and be met at the airport by our driver who will take you to your accommodations in Accra for the night, depending on the time of day you will arrive you will have some time to explore the area or get dinner and rest up for the night.

Ghana 2011 100 (Copy)Day 2: You will be picked up from the hotel in the morning by our driver who will drive you out of the city and down the coast line to the west. After about a 4-6 hour drive you will arrive at Busua Beach where you will check into the Black Star Surf Shop. They will take you to your accommodations in Busua and fill you in on the coming week’s surf adventure for you. Spend the rest of the day getting to know Busua and relaxing on the beach.

Day 3: Check in, in the morning to Black Star to meet your surf guide for your first day of surfing along with checking out your board and rash guard. On the first day you will surf around Busua, checking out Busua Beach, Busua Rock, Black Mamba Point, or Abokwa Island. You will then get your first drumming lesson when not in the water.

Day 4: This day will be very similar to day 3, but hey there is nothing wrong with that. You will surf the same areas or go a little further away to Dixcove and surf the point there with the Castle on it. Continue the drumming lessons and surf on your own if your wish.

Day 5: You will have a bit of a day trip on this day traveling to Akwidaa and doing some surfing in a new area and along the way, you will get chances to surf Dixcove, Akwidaa beach, LP’s and Blackstar Beach.

Day 6: Another day trip will take you even further afield to the west of the Cape Three Points complex. You will travel to Miamia to surf Mutranki Point, Miamia or any of the Princess Town Reefs.

Day 7: This day will be up for you to decide you will return to your favorite surf spot with the guide.

Day 8: The last day of full surfing in Busua will be spent surfing Black Mamba and other local areas.

Cape Three Points view GhanaDay 9: Since the surf tour with Black Star is now complete and you have explored some great surf in the area and hopefully feel comfortable with some more independent exploring you will be transferred to Escape 3 Points Eco-Lodge very near Cape Three Points village. You will check into the remote Eco-lodge right on an awesome beach with a little point break out front and then a large right break a little further down the beach.

Days 10-14: You will stay at a wonderful beach side eco-lodge on a seculded beach during this time spending your days surfing some of the best waves in Ghana and exploring the area. There is so much to do in the area even beyond the world class surfing.

Cape Three Points village is about a 5 minute walk down the beach from the lodge where you can mix with the people in the village or go and check out the furthest southern point in Ghana and climb the lighthouse there.

Cape Three Points Reserve is a good hike from the lodge taking your inland through rubber and palm plantations to a rain forest reserve that is said to have the highest levels of biodiversity in the country.

About an hour hike to the east is Akwidaa that you visited during the surf tour. At Akwidaa there is plenty to do, take a canoe trip up the Ezile river until the mangroves literally surround you. You can also take a cooking lesson from some of the women in the village. There are also two great eco-lodges in the area that you can enjoy a cold Star beer and a brilliant lunch at either Green Turtle Lodge or Ezile Bay Eco-Lodge.

To the west you can hike through the capes to Princess Town where there are a number of surf breaks along the way along with great little fishing villages. In Princess Town there is a colonial castle with an interesting history you can explore. In one of the villages on the way to Princess Town there is a crocodile fetish priest who can summon crocodiles, which make for an interesting experience.

On day 14 you will be picked up at the lodge and return briefly to Busua to return your board and rash guard before continuing on back to Accra where you will have one last night in Accra before your trip ends with us.

What is included:

  • Airport transfer to first nights accommodations in Accra
  • First night accommodation in Accra
  • Transportation to Busua for the surf tour
  • Week long Surf tour with our partners Black Star Surf Shop, this includes meals, accommodation  drumming lessons and a drum
  • All meals (within a budget) not including soft drinks or alcohol
  • Transfer between surf camp and Eco-Lodge
  • 4 nights at a beach side Eco-lodge near Cape Three Points and surf board rental during this time
  • Return Transportation to Accra

What is NOT included:

  • Visa
  • Airfare
  • Soft drinks and alcohol
  • Activities and day trips other than the surfing and drumming lessons
  • Accommodation for nights not listed above


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