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Imagine yourself surfing next to 16th century forts, exploring untouched fishing villages and looking for and finding the perfect waves. Around almost every corner is another surfable spot- a point break with a long, heavy wave offering a 50 meter plus ride, a beach break with fast lefts and rights, or even an occasional reef break to get tubed in. All this with no one in site except you and your group! There are so many breaks that we have to admit that the surf staff at Black Star Surf Shop have not yet surfed them all!

This surf experience in Ghana differs from the Surf Camp we offer, in that every day you will get a chance to surf a new break on the Ghanaian coast line.  Rather than instruction you will surf with a local guide who will show you all of these great spots to surf.  Because there is no instruction this tour is for more advanced surfers, so if you are just learning please consider our Surf Camp.

The WavesGhana Surfers

The Southern Hemisphere swells that hit the Western coastline of Ghana travel great distances to reach our beaches producing some of the cleanest, most orderly waves on earth. The StormRider Guide Volume II notes that the waves in Ghana are consistently head high. This it true, but we also know of places they are consistently bigger. As Ghana is not yet a surfing destination it is marked by hundreds of yet-to-be discovered beach breaks, reef breaks and point-breaks. It is the point-breaks, mostly rights but with an occasional left, that makes Ghana a highly desirable surf adventure destination. The combination of perfect waves, warm water and no crowds, as well as the incredible and limitless experiences of getting off the beaten path and traveling up the coast in a traditional fishing boat, creates the ideal African surf adventure!

Surf tour group size

There is no minimum number of participants for the Surfmobile Surf Tour. So if you are traveling alone, have a week on your hands, and want to surf the best spots in Ghana, this tour is for you. While there is no minimum size, we can handle only groups up to seven people for this tour. The maximum number is to ensure adequate space in our van for you, your gear, the guides, and supplies (including your breakfast and/or lunches!). We are happy to work with you and customize your tour.


During your surfmobile surf tour you will travel to some killer surf spots in, you guessed it, the Black Star Surfmobile. This rugged diesel van has proved itself time and time again to be able to travel down even the narliest of roads to get the isolated and pumping surf spots. Travel an rural roads along the coast of Ghana passing through traditional fishing villages is a adventure in and of itself!

***Transportation is not provided to and from Busua, unless you purchase the option below for this transportation***

Here is a sample of what your week of surfing may look like:

Day Itinerary
Day 1 -Arrive in Busua
Day 2 -Surf Butre Rock, Abokwa Island or
Black Mamba Point
Day 3 -Surf Abokwa Island, Black Mamba Point,
or Dixcove Point
Day 4 -Travel to Akwidaa: surf Dixcove, Black Star Beach
or LP’s
Day 5 Surf Miemia, Mutraki PT. or Princesstown
Day 6 A return to your favorite spot
Day 7 -Surf Black Mamba and other local spots
Day 8 -End of surf tour (breakfast before leaving)
Ghana Surf Spot

Ghana Surf Spot

Activities while not on the water

As part of our Black Star Surf Tour experience we offer a variety of activities that will introduce you to the local culture, history and natural beauty that surrounds us. All of these can activities are within a short walk or drive from Busua. Activities can be arranged from our surf shop including a tour of nearby Fort Batenstein and Fort Metal Cross, a visit to see local fisherman bringing in their catches and bartering prices at Dixcove fishing village, a river canoe trip, a visit to Cape Three Points Forrest Reserve (the only coastal rain forest reserve in Ghana), or a kayak trip to Abokwa Island.  Included in your trip is also a week of drumming lessons.

African Drumming Lessons

Your surf camp has teamed up with long time African drumming instructor, Francis Abby, to bring African drum lessons to Busua. You can’t always be surfing the awesome waves of Busua, so this is an opportunity to take some time to experience traditional African culture and learn to drum!

Drum classes are two hours per day and it will be expected that you will spend some time each day practicing on your own.

Also, a very good hand selected Djembe or Kpanlogo drum is included with the price.

You will stay in local hotels, inns and hostels there are a couple of surf camp options to meet your surfing, accommodation, and cuisine needs. All of our surfing accommodations are within a one minutes walk to the surf school and shop, with four of the five being a close neighbor.

The choices currently are between Dadson’s Lodge and Kobi’s Huts.


Our package options are represented below by option A and Option B. Each of these packages are guaranteed to keep you well rested and well fed so that you can get the most out of your surf camp experience.  The four packages that are presented below include breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are at the The Okorye Tree restaurant.  You also have an option of getting to Busua yourself or of us providing you with transportation.

Option A $625: Option A is for accomadations at Kobi’s Hut and no transportation provided.

Option B $1060: Option B is for accommodations at Kobi’s Hut and transportation from Accra will be provided (remember this is for the whole group only one member of the group needs to purchase this option if your group needs transportation).

Option C $682: Option C is for accommodation at Dadson’s Lodge and no transportation will be provided.

Option D $1117: Option D is for accommodations at Dadson’s Lodge and transportation from Accra will be provided (remember this is for the whole group only one member of the group needs to purchase this option if your group needs transportation).

Transportation is $220 dollars each way, only one traveler in the group needs to pay for a camp with transportation because it includes all in the group.  Then you will be able to divide the cost among yourselves.  If you need custom transportation other than from Accra, or only one way, just purchase the package without transportation and we will work out what you need.


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