Surfing and Drumming Adventure Add-on with Transportation

Surfing in GhanaThis week long extension to our adventures is a great way to learn to surf, further your skills, or surf some great breaks with a local guide.  This add-on includes transportation to Busua from Accra and back to Accra since your primary adventure does not go through Busua.  If your primary adventure did not include much time on the water, and you have always thought surfing would be fun to try this surfari is a MUST for you.  Ghana’s coast line is a beautiful place to visit and should not be missed on a trip to Ghana, if you have the time this is a great way to see some of the clean remote beaches of Western Ghana and do it with the Adventure of surfing mixed in.

Once you reach Busua…..

Ghana Surf Spot

Ghana is a great place for Advanced Surfers, Intermediate Surfers and Beginning Surfers.  When you reach Busua Beach in the beautiful Western Region of Ghana you will check into your accommodation at Dadson’s Lodge, which is a very comfortable locally owned accommodation.  The stay will be very comfortable, but not luxurious with a clean secured room and bathroom with ambient temperature showers.  From there you will head the few short steps to the beach and Black Star Surf Shop where you will meet the rest of the crew taking care of you for the next 7 days.  Feel free to grab a bite to eat at the Okroye Tree Restaurant where you will have 3 meals a day covered with your surfari.

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers:

When you are sufficiently settled in fed and rested, and you are ready to get out on the water, you will meet your surf instructor who will have you standing and sliding down waves by the end of the week, or have you feeling much more comfortable with improved skills if this is not your first time.

The schedule for the week is listed below but don’t feel trapped by it, you must remember that you are surfing in the tropics for the next 7 days in West Africa, you will probably forget a schedule even exists and fall into your own rhythm with surf lessons, free surfing, eating, relaxing, exploring the village, exploring the area around Busua, and spending 2 of the afternoons away surfing secluded, remote surf breaks.

Day Itinerary
Day 1-

Arrive in Busua

Day 2-

1st Surf Lesson, surf beach break

Day 3-

2nd Surf Lesson, surf beach break

Day 4-

3rd Surf Lesson, surf  beach  break

Day 5-

4th Surf Lesson, surf beach break

Day 6-

Travel to Akwidaa, surf secret spot

Day 7-

5th Surf Lesson, surf beach break or Dixcove

Day 8-

6th Surf Lesson

 For very comfortable intermediate, and advanced surfers:

Ghana may be a great place for learning surfers, especially with Black Star Surf Shop being right on Busua beach where an island protects the beach some, but there are also some killer breaks and surf for those looking for a little more excitement and Adventure. If this is what you are after then you have also come to the right place.  Within a short drive or boat trip from Black Star Surf Shop are some world class breaks and you will get more then enough time to ride them.  Your guide will know exactly where to take you each given day for the best ride, or the type of break you want to ride.  When you reach the spot, you can hoop right into the water and paddle out because you do not have to worry about struggling to get a wet suit on with the constant bath water temperature of the surf.  You wont have to wait in a line up either because it will be just you and the people that you came with plus your guide.  It can’t get much better than that.

Below is a table showing how your week could go down, but what you want to surf is totally up to you, even though you will be encouraged to try some of the favorite spots of your guide.

Day Itinerary
Day 1 -Arrive in Busua
Day 2 -Surf Butre Rock, Abokwa Island or
Black Mamba Point
Day 3 -Surf Abokwa Island, Black Mamba Point,
or Dixcove Point
Day 4 -Travel to Akwidaa: surf Dixcove, Black Star Beach
or LP’s
Day 5 Surf Miemia, Mutraki PT. or Princesstown
Day 6 A return to your favorite spot
Day 7 -Surf Black Mamba and other local spots
Day 8 -End of surf tour (breakfast before leaving)

Activities while not on the water

As part of our Black Star Surf Tour experience we offer a variety of activities that will introduce you to the local culture, history and natural beauty that surrounds us. All of these can activities are within a short walk or drive from Busua. Activities can be arranged from our surf shop including a tour of nearby Fort Batenstein and Fort Metal Cross, a visit to see local fisherman bringing in their catches and bartering prices at Dixcove fishing village, a river canoe trip, a visit to Cape Three Points Forrest Reserve (the only coastal rain forest reserve in Ghana), or a kayak trip to Abokwa Island.  Included in your trip is also a week of drumming lessons.

African Drumming Lessons

Your surf camp has teamed up with long time African drumming instructor, Francis Abby, to bring African drum lessons to Busua. You can’t always be surfing the awesome waves of Busua, so this is an opportunity to take some time to experience traditional African culture and learn to drum!

Drum classes are two hours per day and it will be expected that you will spend some time each day practicing on your own.

Also, a very good hand selected Djembe or Kpanlogo drum is included with the price.

What does this add on include:

  • Transportation from Accra to Busua and back to Accra
  • 7 nights accommodation over 8 days at Dadson’s Lodge
  • Three meals a day at Okroye Tree Restaurant at Black Star Surf Camp
  • A surf instructor or surf guide
  • Use of a surf board and rash guard for the week
  • A shady spot to relax when not surfing at Black Star Surf Shop
  • Transportation to remote beach breaks on schedule
  • Drumming lessons and drum

The price for this add-on $1117

Surf and Drum Adventure Add-on with transportation
Product Options
1Surf and Drum Adventure with transportation$1,117.00
Shipping Rate: F

Please read our policies and check what your trip does and does not include. Policies and Procedures

Order Surf and Drum Adventure Add-on with transportation Surf and Drum Adventure with transportation @ $1,117.00

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    It is a great way to learn to surf, further your skills, or surf some great breaks with a local guide.

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