A day of Volunteering and a Home-stay Add-on

We understand that it is often very difficult for you to take the time that you have for your adventure, and that lack of time can make it difficult to participate in volunteer programs which are usually from 1-4 weeks. Volunteering is a great way to get to know the people in a destination and give back in a way that you can. To make it a little easier for travelers who are short on time but would like to still volunteer this one day volunteer and home-stay package is a great way to pitch in a hand or some knowledge and also get to know some Ghanaians better.

What projects can I volunteer on?

Jay-Nii BeachIf you have a particular skill or idea for a one day volunteer project we would love to help you fulfill it. We also have some great experiences that will let you get a feel for volunteering but is not tied into a longer term project. These include:

  • Interacting with school children: Playing games, helping with their lessons, and just plain having some fun with some dynamic young individuals.

  • Visiting Orphanages: This will provide you with a chance to help the children get their meals, teach them some English and simple lessons like ABC’s, and play with them and provide the attention from adults that they long for but do not fully receive from the busy staff.

  • Working with street children: This can be incredibly rewarding working with these bright young souls, one of the great places to do this is Jay-Nii beach in Accra, where there is a support program for street kids to go to school with an after school program, and meals.

  • Visiting HIV/AIDS Patients: HIV/AIDS Patients are often still stigmatized in society, visiting them can often make their day and remind them that they are not in this alone. It can also be beneficial for the rest of society and community members to know and see that international visitors care and would visit these people, showing them that there is nothing to fear, and they need support.

Where in Ghana will I volunteer?

This is highly dependent on the trip you are taking through Ghana, and the type of volunteering that you would like to do. We can arrange volunteering and home-stays most places, so it will be a matter of looking at your itinerary and they type of volunteering you would like to do, and we will find the best setting and time for you to do this on your trip. This could be at the start of your trip in Accra, or the middle of your trip in a more rural setting, or at the end of your trip again in Accra.

What about the home-stay?

homestay familyFor many travelers a home-stay is the highlight of their trip. Often as a traveler it is difficult to get to know some locals and really have the opportunity or the time to sit down and really get to know them. Home-stays provide this opportunity; your hosts will open their home to you, and will be excited and proud to host you. You will share an evening meal with them and see how people live behind closed doors. All hosts are vetted to make sure that they have the ability to host you comfortably, they are usually middle class working homes.

What is included in this package for the price listed below?

The cost of the package includes a small donation to the project or organization that you are working with. It also covers the organization of the volunteering, placement, orientation and local guide. If you are already on an adventure with Green Bug Adventures your transportation to the site will be covered. If you are doing this individually not on an adventure with us, transportation to the site will not be covered.

The cost of the package also included the home-stay; the price helps to give some compensation to the families for hosting you, your evening meal, and the cost of organizing the home-stays which includes vetting the hosts beforehand.


Ghana one day volunteer and homestay
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