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We would love to hear from you.  Please give us feedback on the website or our product offerings.  If you have taken a trip with us please leave a testimonial or a review.  We would love to improve Green Bug Adventures and what we have to offer and the only way we can do that is from hearing from you.  Thank you.

7 Responses to Reviews and Feedback

  1. Pawel Szelhaus says:

    On 12 February 2013 I have finished 10 days excursion to Ghana, Togo & Benin. The trip was arranged by Green Bug Adventures together with local Ghanaian partner. I started our cooperation with Leif approx. 3 months before the trip. We were in touch almost every day working on the schedule. As a for 10 days, our itinerary was very long and strenous, we covered 3 countries. That is why even smallest detail was very important. I’m experienced traveller and I had an general idea of the whole trip. Based on my general suggestions Leif has proposed me very interesting plan “day by day”. He also added many own “extras” – that is why the trip was much more spectacular. Our journey was a big success ! Everything was OK and on time, good car with “safe” driver, smart guides, good hotels, interesting itinerary, my ALL needs and requests were taken into consideration.

    Thanks, Leif ! You are the professionalist. I absolutely can recommend Green Bug Adventures as a reliable partner for the trips within above countries.

    Pawel Szelhaus
    Incentive Manager
    Marco Polo Travel
    Warsaw, Poland

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Pawel for traveling with us, it was our pleasure. Thank you for your feedback and bringing these travelers together to make this trip possible. We learned some things that will make future trips better also.

    Leif Ryman
    Operating Manager and Owner of Green Bug Adventures

  3. Emil Dauncey says:

    As a researcher living and working in Ghana with plenty of travel experience in Africa under my belt many of my peers and colleagues had asked me why I chose to organize my family trip around Ghana through an agent. Indeed I had been skeptical about many of the operators and agents that I had met in Ghana and elsewhere who churn out the words eco-tourism and sustainable at a greater rate than their carbon emissions. However working through Leif and Green Bug eco-tourism is neither mere selling point nor a set of trendy values dogmatically forced down your throat. Green Bug’s passion means that they are experienced travelers and well informed of the complex issues that emerge when touring Africa; thus providing an honest and sensitive means of engagement with issues that matter that can be taken to whatever extent you choose in tailoring your trip.
    Leading up to our trip Leif was incredibly dedicated, always prompt in responding to any concerns or queries and a bottomless pit of advice and recommendations. Leif tailored a trip for us that provided the perfect balance between interesting and exciting opportunities, relaxation and flexibility so that we never felt rushed or exhausted; nonetheless by the end of our trip we had been to a lot of places and had a plethora of amazing and fulfilling experiences.
    Our driver, Patrick deserves a special mention. He was truly excellent. Never imposing, but always to hand. He had in depth local experience, able to not only advise on the trip itself but also very knowledgable. He was proactive in attending to our needs and despite his at times difficult passengers never seemed to tire of us. Patrick had clearly been to the places we visited countless times, but he never made our trip feel like anything other than unique.
    Having a driver around meant that we never had to worry about anything. His driving was excellent. He was noticeably alert and conscious of other road users, (including the abundance of chickens, goats and sheep). We felt that the driver was not simply a driver, nor facilitator, but a welcome addition to our trip. Indeed we miss him!
    Again the words ‘once in a lifetime experience’ are so frequently thrown around, but in the case of our trip organised by Green Bug they are truly fitting. I will most certainly use them again and wholeheartedly recommend them to any traveler to Ghana. Thank you Green Bug and thank you Leif!

  4. admin says:

    Emil, thank you for your review and very kind words. Hearing things like this from my travelers makes it all worth it, and give me energy and excitement to provide better and better trips for people. Enjoy the rest of your time in Ghana.

  5. Beth McClure says:

    Hi Leif,

    Sorry I hadn’t gotten back with you as yet but, you are correct, the jet lag has really affected me on this trip than any other I’ve ever had.

    In anycase, I wanted you to know that our day in Ghana was wonderful. We will have to return and spend more time there someday. As you know, the traffic in Accra is horrendous, not just with cars and motorcycles, but with people scurring about selling their foods and what-nots and Patrick was an amazingly steady and safe driver. He answered every question we had about Ghana and always offered more. He actually was a great combination of guide and driver. We were lucky to have him.

    Elmina Castle is a fascinating story, knowing that this is the horrendous beginning for so many people in the Americas. It is a tough narrative to handle emotionally, but I highly recommend the site if you are in the area.

    Kakum Park was the total opposite of Elmina. Walking high above the treetops on just wooden boards and netting protecting you was somewhat challenging, but was fun.

    Though the drive back and forth was long (7 hours) I have nothing but positive thoughts on the trip and I highly recommend it. I’ll forward your email to Alex and see if he would like to respond.

    The trip overall was incredible full of wonderful memories and I also have so many marvelous photos to start plowing through. When I’ve nailed down my best, I’ll send a few out to you.

    All for now,


  6. admin says:

    Hello Beth,

    Thank you for your great review and spending the day in Ghana with the help of Green Bug Adventures. I really enjoyed hearing about your travels up the West Coast of Africa by sea and look forward to seeing some of those photos.

    Thanks again for your business,
    Leif Ryman
    Owner of Green Bug Adventures

  7. Cynthia Kuemin says:

    In May/June my friend and I traveled with Green Bug in Ghana for 12 days. It was a fascinating and wonderful journey. I had planned the tour about two to three months in advance, communicating with Leif over e-mail regularly to refine the first rough draft.

    Leif and his local partners have organized everything to our complete satisfaction. The accommodations were well chosen, and we were very happy to have been assigned to Patrick, in our opinion the best tour guide the local partner has to offer. He was a great help in dealing with locals, an inspiring source to consult before doing any bargaining and always helpful if we needed something or wanted to know something. Patrick and “Madam” (the owner of the local tour operator) spoke at least daily on the phone, and “Madam” talked to us directly every few days to make sure all was perfect.

    We really did have a perfect travel, and we would use Green Bug and their local partner any time again!


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