Independent Travel to Ghana

We realize not everyone traveling to Ghana is looking for a guided tour or needing their own transportation. Actually the vast majority of travelers to Ghana are what we refer to as independent travelers, who can usually find their own transportation and places to stay. Ghana is a great place to travel no matter how you do it. In addition to our guided tours, volunteer experiences, and surf trips we would also like to help the independent traveler have an amazing time in Ghana and do so with the most amount of information as possible.


Learn More about Ghana:

Still figuring out what kinds of things there are to do and see in Ghana, visit our online travel guide here.  Be patient while this is still under construction.

Explore some of the beautiful hotels and Eco-lodges in Ghana on our lodging page.


Let us build your itinerary:

We would be happy to put together the plans for your time while in Ghana.  We know of many of the best Eco-lodges and hotels to stay in along with what to see and recommendations on how to get there.

Try the Ghana itinerary tool here.


Add some unique experiences and short tours to your independent Ghana Travels:




Still need help with some of the details?

We can help American citizens with their Ghana entry visa application often a confusing requirement to traveling to Ghana.

Give us a call we can help you plan your trip in any other way or just help you out with some of the details, we offer travel consultation for $25/hour and the first 30 minutes are free.




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