You Tube Tuesday #5: Ankasa Rain Forest

When you are silent in the rain forest that is when you can truly appreciate how alive everything is.  Ankasa Reserve is in the far Western Region of Ghana, not too far from the border with the Ivory Coast.  It is a Resource Reserve that shares a boundary with Nini Suhine National Park to form a natural area with over 500 square km of virgin forest. It has some of the highest bio-diversity in West Africa, and the highest in Ghana.  Visit this link to learn more.  When I visited Ankasa in January 2011 I really appreciated the importance that the guild put on being quiet and listening to the forest.  The amount of noise is quite amazing, it is possible to stay in one of the ranger camps here, or at a great little place called Frenchman’s Farm.  If you stay in the forest the noise seems to escalate over night.  It is possible to sleep in a tree house in Kakum national park on the two tours we have below and you can visit Ankasa on the first tour, the Beach and Sun Holiday.


Ghana Beach and Sun Vacation


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