Music Video Monday #5: Jay Ghartey, “My Lady”

The holidays caused a disturbance in the posting of Music Video Mondays but it is a New Year and time to get back on schedule.  I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012.

This video will be a little different in that it is more pop/hip-hop and not a distinctively Ghanaian as some of the other music we have introduced.  Jay is a US based Ghanaian artist who usually makes R & B, and hip-hop songs.  He makes some very clean and crisp videos and I really like this one because there is some great footage of  coastal Accra plus it has a very fun beat, and catchy sound.  There are scenes from James Town, with the lighthouse, JayNii beach in the background, and Tawala beach with the night time party where there are some epic reggae and Dancehall jams.  I was blessed to go to a reggae jam at Tawala that ended up being a celebration of Bob Marley’s birthday, with cake cutting and all by Rita Mareley in February 2011.

Enjoy these scenes and the song.


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