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YouTube Tuesday #20: Doing Business in Africa Ghana

CNBC Africa with this program won the best TV Program award in 2009.  This 4 point series takes an in depth look at doing business in Ghana and what the major industries are and reasons for success and areas that could cause … Continue reading

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Music Video Monday #22: Efya- Sexy Sassy Wahala

This video is a perfect example of pigeon English, its popularity in Ghanaian entertainment, and its connections the traditional languages.  Efya very much brings the Sexy Sassy, and well the Wahala part may be a little hard for you to understand.  Wahala … Continue reading

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Wanderer Wednesday #12: Undiscovered Paradise

European travelers are keeping a huge secret.  Do you know what it is? Short answer West Africa and even more so Ghana. When traveling in Ghana of the few tourists that you will come across at the tourist hot spots … Continue reading

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YouTube Tuesday #19: Mole National Park

Many people do not even consider West Africa when looking to travel to Ghana because they want to take Safari, and there are great Safari’s in East and South Africa.  Ghana has so much to offer a visitor and wildlife … Continue reading

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Music Video Monday #21: Kofi B, Koforidua

This is a perfect example of a song or the type of song that you would hear in Ghana in a taxi or blarring from a speaker at one of the many drinking “spots.”  This song would probably be considered … Continue reading

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