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An Article by Jo Lancaster From Edge of Africa: Community Based Conservation

Community Based Conservation

Often in the past conservation projects have been based on the idea that conservation and community are two separate things and often conservation efforts have resulted in the exclusion of local communities; however these days many conservation initiatives are taking a new direction and often aim to include local communities in order to ensure their success. Continue reading

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An Eco-date Night in Denver

Last week I got to spend and evening with my sweetie, but this time I wanted to do something a little different from the standard dinner and a movie.  Denver recently had launched their bike share program.  It is now … Continue reading

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Everyday South Africans and their bicycles: Bicycle Portriats Part II on Kickstarter

Check out this project on photographing South Africans and their bikes. Continue reading

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Stories about arriving in new countries

If you are anything like me there are so many thoughts going through your head and emotions reeling through your body when flying to a new country. For me these emotions run from apprehension, to excitement, wanting to get out of the airplane seat, and fears and anxiousness about what awaits (transportation beyond the airport, people meeting you, baggage showing up). It is always interesting to see how all of these emotions match up to the experiences of the first moments in these countries or locations. Here I would like to share some of the experiences that I have had traveling and hope that you will do the same in the comments section. Continue reading

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